making a house a home I how to remove chair rail I

Who do I look like, Prince Leopold!? We don’t need no stinkin’ chair rails! Now put on your best 18th Century garb and lets tear up some wall. Or, ideally, not tear it up. Princess Lana decreed that chair rails shall be banished from within our domicile walls and the little boy in me said, […]

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It passed the test!

making a house a home I olympic stain review I

Whenever we do a project, it’s always a cross-your-fingers-and-hold-your-breath endeavor. We also fail pretty hard a whole bunch before we write a single word. for example, we should have some custom huge slabs of raw wood hanging up right now – but we don’t. We didn’t think about the fact that the wall might be […]

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Gettin’ Touchy

making a house a home I adorn light switch I

There are a few things in life that have become so ubiquitous we never give them a second thought. Gas on the right, brake on the left. QWERTY keyboards. Horribly ugly and outdated light switches. My name is Joey, and I’m here to break the cycle. Pretty, ain’t she? These are from a company called […]

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#sparechangeproject / 1

Engineer Print Frame

We spent the weekend doing the furniture-shifting-dance between our new Nashville cottage and our new and needed storage facility, yet again. It’s such a hard thing to wave bye-bye to furniture just so it can sit in a “box” unused. I can’t wait until we get an extension on this house/find another house and let those […]

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Let’s Eat / 8

Making a House a Home I Hot Dog Appetizer I

Hey friends! We have another yummy recipe to share with you, and this one is quick and  a hit. These taste like a battered and friend sweet and savory guilty pleasure, and they are – but these treats happen to be baked, so it’s not that bad. At least that’s what I tell myself. It’s […]

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A Room for A

leather strap shelf, leather shelf, belt shelf, making a house a home

If you dig before and after’s, home tours, free stuff and DIY projects, you might want to sign up to get the occasional non-annoying email from Making a House a Home (your email is safe with us, no spumy stuff here.  Top priority once we finally found a home in Nashville, was to get Atlas set […]

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Bathroom Plan

east nashville bathroom

Did you get to check out our home tour? We shared a peek of our master bathroom, and have been slowly been making decisions. I think we nailed some stuff down, but you never know with us. I meditate a lot on a room before we take action. The bathroom is now a little country […]

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A Little Paint Therapy

spotted wall, spotted stencil, spotted wallpaper

When we decided to move, I had a couple things in mind. I wanted a home we could be more playful with. Our last house was a little stuffy and stiff and didn’t allow for much fun. I suppose we could have gone a little worldly “fun”, or perhaps eclectic more than we did, but […]

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Let the Light One In

Sconce, Barn Light Electric Sconce, DIY Sconce

There is an ongoing debate between Lana and I about whether or not visible wires on sconces are acceptable. You’ll know who wins in about 2 seconds. Or if you are savvy in the ways of married life you already know. That lovely brass number is from our go to light people at Barn Light […]

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Flip the light fantastic

how to install ceiling light

If there is one thing that you could have in a room above all else, what would it be? Did you say light? Cause if you didn’t, you may want to rethink your answer. No one is going to care how stunning that life sized statue of Casey Affleck is when they have just broken […]

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