We are ditching our TV…. (major giveaway!)

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…not because we went all “I now exclusively read for entertainment”,  but because I finally had enough of working our massive black-box of a TV into our current and future design of our living room. Also, I have nightmares of the TV falling on Atlas. I must have pinned a thousand different ways to “hide” […]

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Welcome to The Rich Hippies House

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We have chatted about the MAHAH Project House / The Rich Hippies House a little here and there, but have yet to dig in because, well, it’s been chaotic. We have been on a tight budget with not a lot of time to spare (tick-tock goes the mortgage payment requirements), so today is like a part […]

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Let’s Eat // 12

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This month’s round up is to help those who resolved (or shifted!!) to kick that coffee (not me!), drop that dairy (I did do this…), or cook more meals. Quick and easy meat free food is my fave. Enjoy! Check out 15 Quick Resolution Keeper Meals by Lana Migliore Katsaros at Foodie.com Hope you enjoy […]

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Shifts > Resolutions

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Have you broken your new-year-new-you resolution yet? We are two weeks in, and this seems to be the breaking point for most people to skip a day at the gym or eat a cookie (or two) when they so sincerely promised themselves it would be different this year. I use to do that. I would […]

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Cottages and Cabins


This was our first Nashville Christmas, and it was a very packed two week holiday for us! Joey surprised me with a magical weekend in a cottage in the woods to celebrate the first moment we met 10 years ago. That happens to be the day before Christmas Eve, which means it’s difficult to manage […]

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Let’s Eat // 11


Your monthly round up of do-able and delicious! Check out 15 Whimsey Recipes for Easy Holiday Entertaining by Lana Migliore Katsaros at Foodie.com Hope you enjoy our our sponsored collaboration with Foodie.com!

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The three least boring ways to gift a gift card

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Freedom. It’s a good thing. We get to practice it daily without second thought. We like what we like and sometimes we are the only one’s who can make sure we get the right meal, our coffee made just the right way, or pick out clothes that fit perfectly and that’s totally OK. I think […]

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Deck the Walls

making a house a home I DIY wood light switch I makingahouseahome.com

Hey friends! How have the holidays been treating you? We are due for a major update on what’s been going on around here. I opened my Rich Hippies shop on November 1st, and have been feeling the holiday rush from day one. It’s been an exciting and emotional journey that I am so lucky to be […]

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The Big ‘Ol Gift Guide of 2014 : Kids

makingahouseahome.com gift guide kids

Shopping. It’s something I promise to get done every year before Halloween and in the past that was a super easy task, but since becoming a a mom that goal has gotten a bit harder to accomplish.  Atlas is pretty set with gifts, and our TOMS shopping at Target was a nice way to get […]

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Knock six gifts off your list for less than $100!

makingahouseahome.com Toms for Target gift guide

I am going to assume you have been to Target and had a chance to check out the #TOMSforTarget line released last week. It’s pretty good friends! We went shopping just two days after the launch and our Target’s racks were mostly empty. That’s really exciting because each item you buy either feeds a child […]

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