Let the Light One In

Sconce, Barn Light Electric Sconce, DIY Sconce

There is an ongoing debate between Lana and I about whether or not visible wires on sconces are acceptable. You’ll know who wins in about 2 seconds. Or if you are savvy in the ways of married life you already know. That lovely brass number is from our go to light people at Barn Light […]

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Flip the light fantastic

how to install ceiling light

If there is one thing that you could have in a room above all else, what would it be? Did you say light? Cause if you didn’t, you may want to rethink your answer. No one is going to care how stunning that life sized statue of Casey Affleck is when they have just broken […]

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14 ways to display letters (including DIY Projects!)

diy piñata

Things are as  busy as ever around here. The moment we set up the house and have everything unpacked and organized, it’s a wreck again. We are knee deep in painting. If you follow our Instagram account, you got a peek are the super fun look we are going for. If you want to check […]

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Nashville Dining Room Progress


The power of a moodboard. I really respect people who meditate and can focus on not focusing. I am not one  who can easily envision what a room is going to look like when pulled together with the pieces I want to use. It usually works like this: I pin, pin, pin. Until I find […]

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Gypsy Picnic Recap


We had planned the cutest backyard picnic, and were so excited to set up and then BOOM! Thunder, lightning, and rain. After weeks of planning, we refused to cancel. With a wet ground, supplies in hand and guests showing up in just a few hours, I though it was time to exercise porch life. A […]

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One-a-Week / 2

carnival light, diy letter light

A is for……       The first name of our soon to be born little boy! We are pretty up front with the details of our lives, but we are keeping his name a secret. We are 99.9% sure we are giving this “A” name to him as his first name! So of course […]

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Let’s Eat / 7

vegan soft pretzel bun

If you have never had a hot dog with a pretzel bun, stop what you are doing and run to the market right now if you don’t have the ingredients on hand (you most likely do!), and make this for dinner tonight. If you have had a pretzel hot dog bun, you are welcome for […]

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It’s Picnic Time!

outside curtain waterproof diy

Happy Picnic Month folks! How exciting is it that there is an actual bonafides Picnic Month in this great country?! I got myself a sweet picnic basket, and at least two picnic parties planned. Why don’t you get in the spirit and check out these recipes and give a picnic or two a spin this […]

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House of Stain

olympic stain review

We scored. Big time. Nashville Craigslist is kind of magical at moments. We walked away with six new-to-us dining chairs. For $20. They were solid wood, but twice painted over with latex , and adorned with a country cushion. If you could see past that, you would see a super cute and pretty large chair […]

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Gypsy Picnic Treasure Hunting

pier 1 picnic

  G’mornin lovies! We are in party mode in Casa Katsaros! We have two parties we are hosting and a hearty handful of more to attend. This weather is worth celebrating. We noticed the fireflies in Tennessee are about a magical as you can get, so those cool night parties are a lot like fiction […]

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