Arty for the Party

The party is what's happening in my head every day when I wake up. It's a painting party in my … [Continue Reading]

Nursery Art on a budget

Nashville House Tour / Atlas’ Room

There really are not words to express the level of happy I am to be unpacking and putting things in … [Continue Reading]

small nursery decor

Little Boxes

We moved in our new house for two weeks, then had to pop down to Florida for two weeks to celebrate … [Continue Reading]


Cute Cards


Happy weekend friends! Have you sent our your holiday cards yet? If not I got a good collection of cards and a really cute thing I have never seen before to share. Have you ever seen these ornament cards? I think they would also make such cute gift tags!   I love how Minted has […]

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A Really Cute Gift


Hello friends! We received a really cute gift from the fine folks over at Map My State. They made a print that represented me and one that represented Joey, and we thought it would be perfect to hang them side by side in the hallway leading to Atlas’s room. We love these as gift ideas […]

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Working on What’s Next


It’s hard to believe almost a year has gone by since we had Atlas! Time literally flew by. It’s time to move on to our next baby, a new home. Since we have sold the house and are going through the process of planning a move, and packing, we figure it’s a good time to […]

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Life, as it happens to be


It’s a funny thing. We have been talking about moving for a long time. A LONG time. We almost moved to LA, I even took a one way flight while Joey came back to NY to sell the house. After three weeks, it felt all wrong. I was working with the wrong people, feeling all […]

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So, here’s the deal….


Over the past few months we have been wrapping up the renovation to casa Katsaros, and have finally finished. We put a little over $60,000 into her over the past four years, and are so over the moon happy to see her all purdy and shiny. We will post everything we did, but sadly it […]

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All I need is 15.

2013-10-27 12.21.22

A shower is a beautiful thing when you have a new baby. It’s been the only real time I have to myself where I get to worry about me for a solid, consecutive 15 minutes. You better believe I am investing in the “shower experience” to be the best it could be. We first started […]

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It’s Fall Ya’ll!


I am so over the moon excited the holiday’s are-a-comin’! Joey and I have always gone pumpkin pickin’, and now that we have Atlas, and he’s an age were he gets excited and responds to things, this year was by far the BEST pumpkin pickin’ experience yet. Atlas was so excited by the pumpkin patch! […]

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