Tiny Crisis

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You guys, we are going through a tiny little crisis here. We spend a lot of time on the porch as a family. Atlas loves to water plants, there is a serious love for keeping things green alive. We draw with chalk all over everything, he bounces on his trampoline, and we wave to neighbors. […]

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Trash Talking


We just arrived home from our NYC trip, and fall fell all over our yard. Crunchy gross leaves covered both our walkways and that lead from the sidewalk to the front porch and the driveway to the front porch. About this time last year when fall covered our pathways, Joey ventured outside with no shoes […]

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It’s Fall Ya’ll!

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This post is sponsored by Target. Growing up in Florida, “ya’ll” was a thing, and it’s a thing I lost when I moved in NYC in 1999. For nearly 15 years, I barely said it  -until we moved to Nashville, and it’s oddly comforting to hear it so often. Something South Florida didn’t really have […]

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Freaking out for these Fall trends.


Check out Freaking out for these Fall Trends by Lana Migliore Katsaros at Mode

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How is summer almost over?


It’s late August and we are just getting to explore Dinosaur World (Cave City, KY 1.5 hours away from Nashville). How can this be? This was an early summer plan, and here we are with Halloween decorations gracing the drugs stores already panics to check at least a few more items off our Summer 2015 […]

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And we got ourselves a bathroom!

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Hi friends! It’s always the case that the blog posts slow down when life gets busier! We have been working on this bathroom, amongst many other projects, but have finished this space so we get to share! We left off here: We wallpapered and got the toilet up and running as you know, so let’s […]

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Let’s Drink // 1

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This post is sponsored by Gold Peak Tea. Summer is here, and I can feel it in my pores. Nashville has this crazy kind of heat that is a lot like summer in Manhattan. It’s like a bubble of humidity you can’t shake and attaches to you the instant you walk outside. Basically anything you […]

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Gypsy Picnic Recap


We had planned the cutest backyard picnic, and were so excited to set up and then BOOM! Thunder, lightning, and rain. After weeks of planning, we refused to cancel. With a wet ground, supplies in hand and guests showing up in just a few hours, I though it was time to exercise porch life. A […]

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Father’s Day Picks

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This post is sponsored by T.J. Maxx. All opinions are my own. It’s a rare occasion when I show up on time and prepared these days. Joey and I have been trying to learn to let others work for us and take a step back so we can breathe and enjoy more of this life […]

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Daydreaming our outdoor space

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Hello friends! We have been working hard on The Rich Hippies House #2 and will be sharing the reveal super soon. In the meantime check out some of the discussions we have been having about our front and back yard. Step #1 in this porch, which is getting totally redone with the reno we chatted […]

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