The Big ‘Ol Gift Guide of 2014 : Kids gift guide kids

Shopping. It’s something I promise to get done every year before Halloween and in the past that was a super easy task, but since becoming a a mom that goal has gotten a bit harder to accomplish.  Atlas is pretty set with gifts, and our TOMS shopping at Target was a nice way to get […]

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Knock six gifts off your list for less than $100! Toms for Target gift guide

I am going to assume you have been to Target and had a chance to check out the #TOMSforTarget line released last week. It’s pretty good friends! We went shopping just two days after the launch and our Target’s racks were mostly empty. That’s really exciting because each item you buy either feeds a child […]

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Pretty Holiday Pies to Try!


Oh man, it’s pie season for two solid months. Here is a round up of some amazing selections from the Foodie page. I love the idea of the little pie fries for kids (so you can make sure they don’t go tooooo crazy with sugar) and that it also doubles as breakfast. If you have […]

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#TOMSforTarget (!!!)

#tomsfortarget, toms for target, toms for target gift guide

You guys!!!! The holiday’s are heeeeeeere! To me, the holidays begin with my birthday (11/13) and go until January 1. It’s cozy, gift-y, giddy, beverage season. The coffee cups turn red, the pumpkin spice turns peppermint, and the indoor snugglefest activities begin. Being I am a Fall baby, it’s my season to love-on the hardest […]

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project house

Feast your eyes on our brand new (to us!) beauty! She even came with this charming scene in the basement. No joke. We had to make a special request for the removal of this doll. If you know us by now, you know the weirder and more beat up the better. We watched them put […]

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Let’s Eat / 10

You guys are so so so sweet. Thanks for all the well wishing with our new adventures. If you follow along on instagram, we have been sharing peeks of progress with the shop on our Rich Hippies account, and will be sharing the “Project House” progress on Making a House a Home‘s account. Today we […]

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The Calm Before The Storm.

Atlas and Joey

This is a DIY blog, and for five years to the date almost (YAY!), we haven’t gotten too deep and personal about much and have kept it DIY and home design related. That doesn’t mean we have had it easy breezy 24/7, it just means for two folks who pour their home improvement hearts out, […]

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And it was all white


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Kids love to reek havoc on walls. In particular, our little whirlwind, Atlas, is adept at scraping and dragging things along the wall as he either attempts to avoid a diaper change or just see if his Duplo block can pass through the drywall at breakneck […]

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How you like me now?

making a house a home I adorns switch location I

This motion switch went in the  bathroom. That switch on the right has saved me from an early grave. It’s a motion sensor switch by Legrand from their Adorne line. We’ve been outfitting our house with them so this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen them on the page, but this one deserves some […]

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Float On

DIY Floating Shelves, Floating Shelves, reclaimed wood floating shelves

Oh TV table. I can’t wait to move you. But this story isn’t about you. It’s about creating some floating shelves on the far wall so we can get some much needed storage and activity space for Atlas. This also isn’t about painting so I will spare you the tale of me painting yet another […]

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