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We spent the weekend doing the furniture-shifting-dance between our new Nashville cottage and our new and needed storage facility, yet again. It’s such a hard thing to wave bye-bye to furniture just so it can sit in a “box” unused. I can’t wait until we get an extension on this house/find another house and let those stored pieces out to play. In the meantime, we have been working with what we got. If you are keeping track, we had to put the dining room table, coffee table, pillars, the awesome table Joey built, and various tid bits to storage. We sold a few items, and I am still “forcing” a few, but I know I will cave-and-release them soon enough.

Engineer Print Frame

When I found out  a few years back that you could get an engineer print at Staples (and I am sure her printing places) for near change, I knew I had to take advantage in some way. After a few failed projects, I used this service for Rich Hippies here and there, but not for anything wildly creative. We though about just getting some prints made and then framed professionally, but something feels wrong about spending $1.79 on a 18X24 print, and then spending $300 to frame it. So wrong.

dining room diy

This patch of space at the end of our new dining table needed something, and we didn’t want to commit to another gallery wall right away, so we figured this would be a good start to our future addiction to engineer print framing and hanging.

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com

We went to Home Depot (because on the one by us in Nashville is soooooo much better/nicer/friendlier than the one in New York we avoided), and they had these 3″ wide pieces of wood that were 24″ long, and one dolla! Yep, $1 each wound up running $8 for two frame. Seems kind of perfect when the engineer print is 18″X24″. You only need to make two cuts per frame. Awesome.

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com

We centered the engineer print on a piece of plywood that ran $8 for a piece big enough for two prints. We cut that in half at home. Being the border wood was thick and forgiving, we were able to play around with positioning until it felt right. We then positioned the frame over it before we sprayed it white to double check that it all played nicely together. This guy needed a tiny hair cut.

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com

We used some basic spray glue from a can (which did an awesome and not soaking job) on affixing the paper to the wood. We then painted the frame white with spray paint. Once everything we dry, we used a staple gun (shooting the staples from back to front, making sure the staples were shorter than the plywood married with the frame, but longer than the plywood). Then we hung. Cheap and easy.

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com

Since we shot this project, we have removed the table Joey built and centered the dining table to the new hanging pictures. We dig them and were inspired to start a series of #sparechangeproject ! If you have instagram, give us a follow and tag @makingahouseahome + #sparechangeproject – I would be so much more grateful than you can imagine!

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I Engineer Print Frame I makingahouseahome.com


14 ways to display letters (including DIY Projects!)

Things are as  busy as ever around here. The moment we set up the house and have everything unpacked and organized, it’s a wreck again. We are knee deep in painting. If you follow our Instagram account, you got a peek are the super fun look we are going for.

If you want to check out some other super fun things, we collected 14 great ideas to add a little customization to any room. Enjoy!

nursery monogram

name idea nursery

letter on pillow diy

letter punch in wall

large letter in wall DIY inspiration

sewn letter diy

letter bookshelf DIY idea

ball jar momogram light letter

alphabet blocks little lights for letters

pinata art letter

letter shelves

letter planter

letter pinatta1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.


Silver vs Gold

I am into gold. I am also into silver. Before we knew what color walls we were going to commit to I bought a ton of silver frames from Ikea, and as we have been making this house our home those silver frames kind of disappeared into the paint choices we have made. Not to mention, I am kind of over looking at wedding pictures of me and Joey after four years. Instead of ditching the old frames, I decided to give spraying them gold a shot – and it was a great idea!

gold spray paint




Joey got me this amazing signed MArk Ryden piece and I decided it was time to frame it – just not sure where to hang it yet!

Here is what we did to get a flawless finish. It’s so easy, you’ll gag.

Lightly brush the metal frame with some sandpaper, prime and let dry. They spray with Rustoleum gold spray paint about 8 inches away in light layers and let dry.

Totally new frame! I am excited because they match the three brass trunks we just scored. More on that soon! What have you sprayed gold and have work out? Let me know, I am a little addicted to spray paint these days.



Officially Announcing Atlas

It’s been over eight weeks since we had our little bean. Tomorrow will officially mark two whole months! Time is just whizzing by at an unbelievable speed. We had a minor mix up with our birth announcements, but they are finally here and we LOVE them! We got the idea from a pin we saw on pinterest and edited it to our specifications. Joey and I are pretty bad with photoshop, but after the try-fail method a million times – we finally wond up with something we loved and it only cost us $15 for 50!

unique birth announcements, diy birth announcements

We used overnight prints with a coupon, but pretty much anywhere that prints postcards (and we got the envelopes from them too), you can get a one side print pretty reasonable. We picked 4X6 for these and think that was perfect for these. This would also make a super cute birthday card. Right now we are testing out a bunch of self-publish photo books, photo printers, etc – but for postcards I have always loved overnight prints because they are so reasonably priced and have only messed up once in the six years I have used them.

boy birth announcement

A tiny bit of DIY + some pretty gold heart stickers and we are ready to announce his arrival via snail mail. Happy weekend friends!

It’s a Spring Thing

I am SO OVER WINTER! I have been over it before it even started! I have been dreaming of planting in the raised bed Joey built for months now! Also, I can’t wait to get out of the house and into the sunshine with Rocket, Porkchop and Joey and Atlas. Spring, you are so close. In anticipation and celebration of sweet Spring, I joined forces with some of the most lovely ladies online to host a link party and blog hop dedicated to Spring! Please check out Emily from MerryPad‘s blog tomorrow where she is kicking things off!


Spring Thing Link Party, Spring Thing Blog Hop

Emily from MerryPad.com link party and blog hop starts 3/5
Roeshel from DIYShowOff.com link party and blog hop starts 3/12
Come back here for our link party and blog hop starts 3/19
Kim from DesignThoughtsBlog.com link party and blog hop starts 3/26
We hope you will link up and join each one of us this March and share what you are doing to welcome spring!


Tiny Tree Ornament Project

DIY Ornament

tiny tree ornament

Happy happy Monday friends! We are 33 and 1/2 weeks down and have a little more than 6 weeks to go before little “A” gets here! Isn’t is crazy hou you can feel so ready, yet so not ready at the same time about something? We are working our butts off to get the nursery in order, while preparing for hosting Christmas at our house and Joey’s grandfather’s 90th birthday! A lot is going on to say the least! We still keep squeezing in little Holiday Projects, and this one is super cute.

tiny brush trees

These super cute tiny trees I found at Michaels got me thinkin’ about cute ways to display them so their tininess wasn’t lost. Then Boom!

how to make ornament

Clear ornaments! I found some plastic see-through ornaments which I think would work better than glass because super glue is what’s binding the tree to the ornament.

DIY ornament

At first we tried to drop a few drops of super glue at the base of the tree then used and old tweezer (I highly recommend using one you never plan to use again, you will ruin it) to place it. I messed up like a million times until I just dripped the glue into the ornament and then fed the tree through with the tweezer.

diy ornament

diy ornament

Once you get a grip, hold firm. About three to five drips will be enough, and also dry quick enough.

DIY ornaments

There you have it! The ornaments were 50 cents each and a bag of a dozen tiny trees were a dollar. Yep! That quick, easy, and cute. Totally fits in with our traditional Christmas this year! It’s been fun making ornaments. The one to the right is made from sculpy and then some gold ink. The imperfections make me happy and entertains Joey to no end.

One-A-Week-Wednesday with Pinterest

Hello! Happy mid week! How’s it flowin’? I decided to get a little adventurous and try something I never would have. We turned bar soap into liquid soap, and it was fun!

The lovely pick (as well as photo above) comes from a blog I just found out about via the magic of pinterest! The Farmer’s Nest gave pretty great instructions, so I won’t be repetitive and break down the deets, but I will tell you what I learned.

We used a bar of soap we had hanging around. I think it had glycerine in it. We followed the instructions and the funny part was, well, yea, I am going to just tell ya. So the recipe calls for liquid glycerin. I looked for it in the band aid isle as recommended. Welp, the fine folks at CVS did help me fine it, just not in the band aid isle. In the laxative isle. In the form of a butt injection thingie. For when you need to poop. I bought it anyway. Glycerine is glycerine, right?

Anywho, it worked just like instructed except ours had this snot like consistency. I think there was too much glycerin. I ordered some Mrs. Meyers soap bars to try again. We got about a gallon of totally usable soap. I added a little scented oil to give it an extra kick. Love it! Totally want to make more household cleaning stuff!

So, what did you get into this week? Share! 


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