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dipped wood forksOh Happy Monday! I can’t believe Summer is almost over! It’s killing me that we are still mid-crazy-kitchen-reno + house painting + repairing exterior wood detail + landscaping. I can’t wait until it’s complete, it’s going to feel sooooooooo good! It makes for a bunch of blog posts, but that’s only when you have to time to actually write about what you are doing! If you follow our Instagram, you can see the amazing ($124!!!!) lights we got going on that totally changed everything in the Kitchen along with all our #MAHAHKitchenReno progress.

It’s Monday, so I am going to take a step back and keep it light. Grab some wood or bamboo forks, paint, a gold pen and make those simple forks cute and custom.



 Here are some tips to make it a snap:

  • Cut your paint with water , your forks will dry quicker if they aren’t coated with paint and they will look more rustic.
  • Use a paint brush, dipping gave a goopy texture for me!
  • Grab an old shoe box and poke 1 inch holes in it and stab your wet fork in the hole  (dry side down) to create a clean drying space.
  • Use a gold pen to add design features (or clean up and sloppy paint edges!)
  • Keep adding white to your color do make your forks monochromatic and do a whole bunch!

fancy-forks-dipped-6 Edited

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Cute Gift For Yourself




FoldableMe asked us to take a look at their super cute and creative creation, and we said “Sure! Why not?!” and had a ton of fun putting them together and making a little video of myself, Joey and Atlas.


I have been on a kick for shopping for Christmas already. I am 100% done shopping for Atlas – I guess I was a bit excited. I have also been slowly working on everyone else and hope to be done by Halloween. These guys would be such cute stocking stuffers or co-worker gifts to make a set of your friends family. Well done FoldableMe, we love them!

PS – Brickyard Buffalo has them on sale for one more day if you want to snag a deal on these little guys!


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hanging wood toy

When you have a kid, everyone will warn you how quickly they grow, and everyone is not a liar. It’s amazing that Atlas really loves to observe everything, especially hanging things. Remember this DIY Doily Dreamcatcher I made for him just a few weeks back? It’s like the. best. toy. ever. He loves laughing at is and looking up at it. This project was pretty simply and required very few things – and you can hack it to fit your needs of course.

We got a very long wood cylinder at the home improvement store and chopped it up. Joey then drilled holes down the center so we could feed the string (also got at the home improvement store) through it.

hanging toy for baby



hanging toy

We double checked to make sure the string fed correctly, then removed it to paint the wood fun colors.

water color on wood

gold painted fathers

 I just used your normal run-of-the-mill water color to paint the wood. I didn’t even do anything special to it – just straight paintbrush to raw wood action. I also dipped some feathers in Martha Stewart gold paint and dusted with glitter at this point, so all the wet stuff could dry together.

gold feather, glitter feather

hanging toy


I found these super cute pom’s from Thailand, and decided this was the perfect project to add them to. They are tiny pom pom’s, so I just glued them to the end of the pink string (two small strips just a few inches long) for some fun.

I also added some wooden beads from the craft store along with some help from knots and some super glue.

Keep in mind, this isn’t intended as a toy for a baby to play with. Just a pretty nugget to hang and look at.

hanging wood toy

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One-a-Week / 11

It’s been a little bit difficult to get my one-a-week projects done these days. We had a house full of sick (ick?!) and are just about now getting back out of bed to live life again. This project is so sweet and easy! If you remember, we made a doily lamp a million years ago and we have a bunch of left over doilies! We were thinking of things Atlas liked that we can make and he can look at, and we decided on using the doily to make a dreamcatcher!

diy doily dreamcatcher

I like this project because the rules aren’t hard and fast. We used old materials from our wedding and only had to order/buy a few things!

Some basic items you will need are:

  • feathers
  • gold paint (we used Martha Stewart from Home Depot)
  • string
  • a doily
  • a round metal hoop (we got ours here for $0.85 each)
  • fibers and fabrics
  • super glue

We simply used the string to attach the doily to the gold metal hoop and put a dot of super glue at each point to keep it attached and sturdy.

diy doily dreamcatcher


I know most people cover their loop in fabric, but I liked to gold, so I kept it raw. I dipped the feathers in the gold paint to give the dreamcatcher more shine.

DIY doily dreamcatcher


After this point, you can basically let your imagination take you where you want!


diy doily dreamcatcher

One-a-Week/ 10

DIY wood blocks, toy blocks, food grade dye for toys

I love this project because it’s so easy, and you can avoid those pricy wood blocks at the boutiques! All you do is take 2X2 NON-pressure treated wood (make sure it’s all natural and not treated with anything), food dye (the kind you use on Easter eggs works just fine), a few drops of vinegar, and paint brushes.

Make sure to dull the edges of your cubes with sandpaper before you color them. We put a few drops of vinegar in a cup, along with one ounce of water, and as many drops of dye as you like, the more drops, the darker the blocks! The vinegar is what “sets” the dye to the blocks so the color doesn’t rub off. Dont skip this step unless you want dye everywhere.

DIY wood blocks, DIY toy blocks, natural toy blocks

Take your paintbrush, and paint the blocks with your color concoction. Let dry over night!

One-a-Week / 9

I love this one-a-week project because it’s so quick and cheap, yet yields such impact. I collected some geodes over time on ebay and just used super glue and some tiny mighty magnets I got at the craft store.

geod magnets

fridge art, modren fridge magnets

modern fridge magnets

And there you have it! fridge magnets that are fresh and look more like art than something forgotten to hold up your to-do list.

One-a-Week / 8

sculpy house, clay house, diy ornaments, how to make ornaments

Ohhhhh, this one-a-week project was a three week long ordeal! I tried to make air dried porcelain from scratch with zero success. It looked great, but was just too tacky to work with. Twice.  An hour of work at each attempt, and eight white glue containers later, I had this glob ready to rest for 24 hours. I took out a chunk to air dry and test. Not loving what happened next.

DIY Porcelain

When it dried, it looked like this crusty yellow mess. Not exactly what we had in mind when we had the idea to make some handmade gifts for family this year.

air dried porcelain, how to make porcelain

So, we went and bought some sculpy, and tried again. With the right material in hand (by all means venture and try and make your own air dried porcelain, but we loved the sculpy results!) this project was pretty fun! What you’ll need is:

  • 1 lb of sculpy. We got it for $10 with a 50% off coupon on Michaels.
  • a template of a house (we drew ours)
  • a sharp knife
  • rolling pin
  • parchment paper

diy house ornaments, how to make sclupy ornaments, clay bake ornaments, little houses

It’s all pretty simple, and we had a fun afternoon making these houses and some other fun stuff we are excited to share later! After you have your supplied gathered, kneed your scuply until it’s smooth and easier to work with then roll out your sculpy to about 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch. You will need it to bake 15 minutes for ever 1/4 of an inch, so keep that in mine when you are rolling out your clay.

how to make houses out of clay

Once rolled to the thickness you like, place your template on top and use your sharp knife to cut around.

DIY sculpy house, how to make clay houses

We made our template with using the little house as a place to put a tea light or small flowers, so we didn’t add a roof on purpose.

how to make sculpy house

We made little snakes and pressed the sculpy up and out and into the cracks  to help weld the corners together and waterproof it.

how to add support to clay house

adding support to sculpy house

After you spread the clay in the cracks, you are ready to bake! Sculpy is 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch, so we put these in for 20 minutes and it worked great. It bakes exactly how it looks. So if it’s got dust or fingerprints on it when it goes into the oven, that’s how it’s going to come out. Another word to the wise is, it’s slightly soft when it comes out of the oven, and hardens as it cools. We didn’t know this and burt our test piece. Oops.

how to make clay ornaments, sculpy ornaments

Joey made this kind-of-like-our-house house “the big house” and I made two smaller ones.

christmas decor sculpy, christmas gift sculpy, gift sculpy

sculpy planter, sculpy tea light holder

We are super happy with the results and plan to buy another pound of clay this week! We have some ideas for the nursery we are going to try and tackle.

Have you every worked with clay? Let us know what you made with it! 

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