9 No-Fail Boy Gifts

nine no-fail boy gifts

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Gift-giving season is upon us. Ya know, the season where alllll the kiddies birthday’s seem to fall within days of each other? Here is a round up of our current faves for fuss-free and unique gift giving for the boys (and girls too of course!).

I am sure you have heard of #5! Freshly Picked seriously has THE BEST (alllll caps, and meaning it) little shoes for little feet. We snagged this pair for our little runner who’s obsessed with velcro and he doesn’t even notice these slip-on/slip-off’s are on. Which means they stay on. And are cute. And work with everything.

Freshly Picked + Rich Hippies

How cute do these shoes look with Rich Hippies Lumberjack Collection? Seriously.

Our #6 pick is a shameless plug for our kid’s clothing line, Rich Hippies. We are obsessed with the drawing Duane Hosein did for our Lumberjack collection and also obsessed with the organic soft cotton he’s screenprinted on.

For #8 we got to snag a beaver set at Porter Flea (lucky us!), and I can say with confidence this brand is amazing. Our larger set does not fit 16 month old Atlas (and he’s pretty huge), so we are ordering a smaller bear set for him. He loves seeing himself in the mirror with something new on like a hat, or mask. He loved to put it on and take it off. The soft felt is well stitched for many uses and the designs are soooo cute. These super hero masks are killing it right now and I think would make great for little boys on their birthday!

If you like #5, #6, and #8, you may want to hop on over to instagram, and follow @makingahouseahome for an awesome giveaway coming very soon. *wink wink*


Holiday shopping, yep!

You can thank or curse me later, but this is your new addiction. I am sorry! But it’s a really great way to organize your shopping. I made a folder or “board, kind of like pinterest) for the dream list of stuff to get Atlas, and I have done one for our home, and have just started a fashion one. In the middle of doing this, they did a little feature on our kid picks! Color me honored.

prowl making  a house a homeReason I think this is so perfect right now is, I have to start organizing holiday shopping. I am 1/2 way done! Yep, every year my goal is to have every last gift purchased and wrapped before Halloween. I hope I can do it this year! Last year was a bit hectic with a load of guests + being 8 months preggo, but this year it’s just the three of us – so some mailer gifts and simple stuff for the three of us will be perfect!

How do you organize your shopping? If you decide to Prowl, let’s stalk each others goods!


Instasale Sneak Peeks!

I know, I know. I am kinda phoning it in this week with the lack of DIY posts, but with good reason. Today is day six of being sick. I finally started to get my voice back yesterday after three days of zero voice. If you are our insta-friends, you know all about it. Speaking of….

instasale, igsale, instagram flash sale


Yesssss! We are hosting our first #instasale ! I am so excited. I love the idea of flash sales and pop up shops! We have a bunch of rad finds, and we are going to hook you up!

How to Instashop!

For those who have never instashopped before, let me clue you in. On May 15th at 7pm EST on our instagram feed (@makingahouseahome) we will post an image, just like the ones you see below + a price + product info on our instagram feed only.

instasale, insta flash sale, #instasale, igsale, owl lamp


The first person who leaves their paypal email address + shipping zip, is the new owner! Pretty fun, huh? Here is a sneak peek at some other goodies we will have!

brass face mug, brass face

Love these guys! Will be hard to see them go!

metal ice bucket, flower ice bucket

One more peek before you run off to have an amazing weekend.

brass crabThis brass crab has a secret hiding spot!

brass crab

Eeeep! I can barely contain myself! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (makingahouseahome) for all the details, and cute pics of Atlas of course!


What I Want For Mother’s Day

I think I am pretty easy when it comes to shopping. I have a few things I want every year, and Joey always seems to find a way to get the goods on special occasions + he is super amazing about surprises! This is my first Mother’s Day and I am so excited! I really don’t care about the gifts, but the hubs insisted, so I got to thinking what do I want for Mother’s Day!?

lulu frost, stackable number rings

I love these stackable number rings from Lulu Frost. I also love the idea of getting Atlas’ birthdate, and mixing the metals! He was born 1/23, so I was thinking the “1″ could be silver, and the “2″ and “3″ could be gold.

kimono fringe, hippie kimono, boho kimono

I could live in a kimono this Summer, can’t you? I am waiting for the one on the right to not be sold out anymore, but I could also happily live in the one on the left. Both from Shop Planet Blue.


I will take all three please. Thank you. These remained and redesigned museum quality gems are from Swissted Shop and make me so happy in the nerdiest ways possible.

Another great baby find

How much would you spend on a crib? A mattress? I thought around $100 was the going price for a crib and another $100 for a good mattress. And like everything else we have given our baby, a lot of thought went into the whole sleep issue. I am scared. to. death. of SIDS and doing something which may lead to autism. We have a family member who quite possibly became autistic from having their crib next to lead paid. It’s a reality (1 in 80 kids, 1 in 55 boys!) that’s scary with an unknown source, and guess what a real one of those sources may be? The mattress. Yep. So, lets talk about this.

We bought the organic clothes, organic food to supplement, and now the organic mattress. We decided on a 90% organic 10% non-organic life for our baby, but we knew the mattress had to hands down be as pure as possible.

We checked out Intellibed, and found out their position on a baby mattress was aligned with ours. No off gassing (like our mattress had, which was weird), totally non-toxic, organic, and crazy unique. Seriously, this mattress feels insane and I am very jealous of Atlas. It is very heavy and very sturdy, and the baby loves it. Best of all, I trust him on it.


Right now we are on a routine where he sleeps next to us, and most likely will for another four months, but during the day he naps in his room. We also put him in his crib and let him play while we work on projects or clean. The Intellibed Mini came with an organic zip cotton cover, which we let him hang out on. Needless to say, we love it and totally recommend it. I may even climb into his crib and test it out myself because the feeling is so unique and awesome. But here is the deal, it’s a $400 mattress. Well $399. Why would you buy a mattress that costs that much, when you can snag one for less than $100? Remember that talk I wanted to have with you? It involves very scary stuff.


Most mattresses for cribs are toxic. America doesn’t really have any rules for this kind of stuff, so your baby can be breathing in pretty rancid stuff for long periods of time. If you want to get more info, there are some great facts on the Intellibed site. I am far from a scientist or doctor, but I suspect that’s not so healthy for babies. There is also this Columbia University did a study that will blow your mind. They actually found a chemical in the bellybuttons of babies found in mattresses that lead to children having developmental issues.  I figure this isn’t so much a luxury item, but more of a life quality item. Intellibed should be the standard.


I figure it was worth sharing some scary info (even though I hate to think about this stuff, I am sure you do too), as I am always up for knowing what my options are and then making the best decision I know how. The crib wound up being about $400, but we got it as a gift, and the mattress another $400. So the $200 budget looks more like an $800 budget, but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your mini me is on a firm surface that’s totally safe. So we are officially adding this as can’t-live-without-item #7  (1-6 here) for us.

Convinced you can’t live without this mini mattress for your little one (or yourself for that matter)? We have a 10% off code for our readers good on ANY  Intellibed! Use MakingaHouseaHome at check out.

We were compensated for this post, but believe in this product 100% and have been truthful in expressing our thoughts. 

Throwing in the Towels


We are giddy getting ready for spring and summer. Nothing better than having some friends over for a BBQ, or some fine dining outdoors. Now with a bebe, we have been searching for a good outdoor solution being he isn’t quite ready to sit up in the patio furniture, and is too young to just “set free” in our ungated backyard. These sweet ombre towels from target may be the solution. I am also swooning the beach umbrella to protect Atlas from the sun, and love that it’s big enough for Joey and I to pop under and hang out with him too. I had to throw in some cute sandals, because, well – they are cute and look good with the towel.

targetstyle, target style, #targetstyle

I love this hammock so much. It’s fun, and I like that it’s not made of rope, which I remember slipping through as a child. We don’t really have two trees perfectly places side by side we can hang it from (which I prefer), but I am not opposed to a hammock holder for the deck. I can already envision blueberry lemonade + me + the million books I need to read with lil’ Atlas next to me playing in the sunshine. Yes, I do believe I am ready for Summer. These string lights are also a nice upgrade from those basic round ones we have been using for a while. I loved the beach as a kid, and I have to admit New York beaches have nothin’ on South Florida beaches, but it’s nice to have a backyard to spend time in and have the creature comforts of home close. Nothing wrong with reading a book on a beach towel next to your grass.

The color story above is what we are going with this year and match the plasticware from this post pretty spot on. We found all these gems at Target, which means they were all very reasonably priced and easy to get your hands on.

Do you have any backyard must-haves for Summer?


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


6 Parent-y Things We Can’t Live Without

We are parents. It’s a very cool and very weird thing to accept. One day you are shopping for heels, the next you are buying tiny little onsies. There isn’t much of a transition. Everything and nothing chances all at once. You are the same person. Maybe with a bit more patience. Perhaps you have the ability to function on 1/2 the sleep, but your core is the same. I had all these rules before Atlas was born, and the parents smirked, and the non-parents nodded their heads like I had the master plan all worked out. Things like “nothing made in China” to “85% of his clothes and toys not made in China”. And another rule was to not go crazy with baby stuff. It will clutter the house, and he’s not really going to use all of it anyway, right? It’s true – planning is fruitless.

For example, we bought this months and months ago because it “matches” our house.

moses basket, restoration hardware moses basket

I was heartbroken when we came home from the hospital to realize I wasn’t comfortable placing our brand new baby in this too-tall-to-look-into-from-bed. We wound up using this $70 option religiously for the first four weeks.


rockandplay, rock and play

We got it with the intent of using it downstairs and for travel, but wound up using it every day, multiple times a day. You can find it here, or almost anywhere that sells baby stuff really. It’s so worth it. The good news is, at about 6.5 weeks Atlas started using the Restoration Hardware Moses Basket and loving it AND we get to keep using the little one for travel because it folds up so great. Sigh-of-relief!

And believe it or not we have another thing for him to sleep in. It’s funny how we rationalized the purchase too. My dad asked if we had a swing, and we said we didn’t and started doing research. Joey found this insane swing-substitute because he thought, what if Atlas doesn’t like a single motion. Joey wanted the swing to have multiple options. This is how we wound up with this crazy looking thing.

mama roo, mod baby swing, mamaroo

It’s been amazing for back relief. Atlas is already over 13 lbs and growing strong! Both of us have been breaking our backs daily to rock him and walk around with him and this “swing” has cut that time a lot. We LOVE LOVE LOVE holding our baby,  but when or backs begin to hurt, it’s no good for anyone. This ran about $240 big ones, which I wasn’t excited about, however it’s proven to be very useful and will last until he is at least a year old. I also love ow it doesn’t take up too much space and comes in un-offensive color options. We sprung for the extra $40 to have the plush option in this neutral tone. The cheapest one we could find is here, but we got ours on diapers.com with a coupon, saving a few extra bucks.

I was pretty dead set on not having all these “junky” or “crazy-colorful-mismatched” things for bebe, but when this sleeping vessel situation happened, I learned right quick I would have to exercise flexibility and all my previous planning may in-fact have been fruitless.

We registered for this backpack style carrier that workes for infants and baby’s alike and was $150 and super cute. I figured we would use it around the house, and at the zoo, mall, BBQ’s, whatever. Well, it’s been almost 8 weeks and we have only put it on once, and used it for real zero times.

Once again, the cheaper $50 option won out and is being used daily. Go figure. Enter this guy.

moby, moby wrap, moby baby carrier

Joey said “Why would we spend $50 on a piece of fabric?!”. So we didn’t. The over the shoulder sling didn’t work for me and the $150 backback style seemed too severe for house use with it’s million clips. One day I just went ahead and bought it and I love it! It’s another back saver for sure.  Joey on the other hand has not had luck with it and is still using the sling here and there.

My sister got me a super cute diaper bag I saw online and when it arrived I was confuse how anyone could use it as a diaper bag. The opening was so small, and it was so flimsy. It had gotten rave reviews, but I wasn’t going to just see if it worked out, so I swapped it for one I have seen in person.

orla kiely diaper bag

I discovered Orla Kiely ages ago while in London and have been in love with her simple and durable pieces since. This bag is heaven sent. I don’t think this one is currently available, but I am sure a different pattern is. Under the bag has a large zip where I store the diapers and changing mat. Inside has a bunch of pockets and a bungie we keep keys on. It fits over the shoulder or cross body really well. I am so happy I wound up with this one.

Atlas loves tummy time, which I hear is strange. He coo’s like a madman if he is belly down on your belly or on a blanket on the floor, or on the bed (supervised of course!). I didn’t want one of those huge playmats because they are so ugly, and I figure he’s face down – he sees the floor or our face when we are next to him.

skiphop playmay, skip hop play mat

So, one day he spit up all over his blankets, and I started to grow tired of dragging out little toys and propping them up for them to just go unnoticed by Atlas, than I told Joey we should look into a playmat, and just make sure to not keep it on the ground. We went to Buy Buy Baby and this guy was $75. What?! It’s the only decent looking one and it’s twice the price of all the others! On principle, I told Joey I didn’t want it. The next day I found it for $63, and decided to give it a try because I figured the baby should have some designated areas of his own. Shame on me, we should have gotten this soon. It’s pretty great and well made. We removed the mirror from the floor portion and he kicks the dangling birds and laughs. He’s a bit too young to interact with it fully, but so far, very good. We use it for tummy time and we put him on his back. We haven’t used the pillow it came with yet, but I imagine that prop up with help him engage even better.

So there is over a thousand words on things that are working for us so far. We are still testing out diapers, soaps, car seats, stroller, etc and will let you know how we feel about them.

Do you have any products you can’t live without for your newborn? We would absolutely love to hear! Leave a comment below and share with us and everyone! 

Like shopping?  Check out more “Let’s Shop” posts!




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