High Contrast, Here We Come

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.
Remember when the lottery was over a billion bucks a few months ago? Joey and I were pretty sure we, alone, were going to win it and buy our dream penthouse in New York. I don’t need to Google the address; I have it memorized because I have been so intimate with this building from the moment I moved to New York.
A few years back, six luxury penthouses were erected, and the one we have our eye on was originally listed for $66M. Lucky us, they dropped the price to $58M, so we have a fighting chance. But until we can drop that kind of money on a place, we are going to have to work with what we have.
 Over the next six months, we are going to be transforming our East Nashville cottage with paint and a brush to get as close as we can to this foyer in the $58M NYC penthouse. We really do love a crisp white wall, so we are getting creative with adding contrast and color in other ways. First project? That black trim and casing has been on our minds for months, and we finally decided to pull the trigger and bring this high-contrast perfection into our own home. I feel this look can go two ways. Here, in this amazing space, it looks modern and crisp. In our house, we think it’s going to have a little more of a throwback, Tudor feel, and we aren’t angry about it.
We hopped over to our super cute and friendly local Ace Hardware right outside Nashville,, and checked out some black options from Clark & Kensington® and Valspar® and came home to play with a few samples and swatches.
making a house a home I black pant trim I makingahouseahome.com
We landed on the Tomcat from Valspar® in a satin finish after doing some swatches next to the fireplace, which was recently painted black. It’s a very true black, which we loved. The Clark & Kensington® we tried (Black Truffle) was a little too red/purple for what we wanted, but also very pretty.
making a house a home I black trim paint I makingahouseahome.com
making a house a home I black trim I makingahouseahome.com
making a house a home I black trim swatch test I makingahouseahome.com
Send good vibes our way ’cause we are pretty sure Atlas is going to leave black hand-marks on our white walls as we try to paint our trim. He loves paint so much, and he loves paint tape even more, so it will be a miracle if there are no mishaps.
We have a major Ace Hardware Style Transformation upon us between now and September, and this is just the first step. Our living room will get this high-end trim, and then off to the bedroom to finally tackle the most-in-need-of-love room.
East Nashville Living Room Mood Board
making a house a home I living room mood board high contrast I makingahouseahome.com
Find your perfect color with sample pints from The Paint Studio at Ace. Get a coupon for $5 off a gallon for every sample you buy. When you buy a sample it will include a coupon on the lid. Each coupon is good on a gallon of paint when you come back to purchase. All colors can be matched in sample sizes since Ace has tintable samples.

Limit one $5 discount per gallon for every color sample pint purchased. Offer valid on gallons of Valspar® Optimus TM, Valspar® Aspire TM, Clark & Kensington® and Royal® paint. Does not include local taxes and fees. Store stock only. At participating stores. See store for details.






And We Got Ourselves a Soul Mate

Consideration was provided by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

Hello, lovlies. It’s been super duper busy around these parts. Our second Rich Hippie’s shop is opening this month and we just did a little face-lift to the first one, which got us redoing the entire house. We certainly don’t make it easy on ourselves! Sometimes I guess you get in the mood to change things and you just dive in and do it all at once. Even though we are still planning our move back home to New York (just probably not for a year or so now….), we can’t help but want to improve our home and feel happy in it. Every little thing I see that’s out of sorts I have to fix these days. It’s been soooooo good to knock stuff off the forever-list that’s been growing for almost two years now. Making the decision to move back took a lot of motivation away, but doing things like painting and replacing mulch isn’t going to hurt when it comes time to sell.

We have some nagging-at-me-non-stop places in the house which happen to all be clustered together. The master bedroom, bathroom, and hallway all have yet to be painted, styled, or considered at all. It’s such a shame too, because we use them all so much. The bathroom has such great bones, and beautiful light. We got icky country blue….

making a house a home I master bath I makingahouseahome.com


…and a soul-sucking beige in the bedroom and the hall way. We finally got to tackle the last blue room in the house and turn it into something a bit less “soul-sucking,” and a little more “soul mate.” Gotta love a solid before and after.

making a house a home I purple bathroom I makingahouseahome.com

So refreshing! It feels more like a spa now and I have convinced myself it smells of lilacs. The color is Soul Mate and we are in love. I think this would also be a fantastic color for a bedroom. It feels colorful and calm at the same time. We snagged ours at Ace Hardware. We are part of their 31 Days of Color campaign and each day a new color will be revealed by a new blogger. So hop on the loop on our Instagram and see who’s next in line. I also learned how much I love those brass knobs with a pretty purple. This color can get dangerous now that I am thinking about it.

making a house a home I soul mate paint I makingahouseahome.com




Besides getting some major color inspiration, you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance at winning a $10,000 paint make over, or a gift card. Hey, ya never know – your whole house could get a refresh!


Another day, another color to inspire your home projects. Ever day in March, Ace is unveiling a featured color and giving you a chance to win a $10,000 room makeover! To learn more visit thepaintstudio.com.

making a house a home I lavender paint bathroom I makingahouseahome.com



No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win.  Open to legal US residents residing in the contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age and who are homeowners.  Sweepstakes will run from 3/1/16-3/31/16.  Full rules located here.



And we got ourselves a bathroom!

Hi friends! It’s always the case that the blog posts slow down when life gets busier! We have been working on this bathroom, amongst many other projects, but have finished this space so we get to share! We left off here:

making a house a home I guest bathroom I makingahouseahome.com

We wallpapered and got the toilet up and running as you know, so let’s talk about both before we go on! We chatted about how to instal this toilet, and hope we gave you confidence to DIY this because it’s way easier than you would think. Next, we were excited to test out it’s “cling free” promise and report back. We didn’t clean it once since we installed her. This is what she looks like now:

making a house a home I best toilet ever I makingahouseahome.com

We have all tried her out (hello potty training Atlas!) many many many times over. It looks brand spankin’ new. Like, scary new. We are very very impressed with VorMax and their engineers because this is the biggest game changer we have seen in a long time. Take your hands out of your toilets people. The revolution is here.

Also, it’s a good looking bowl.

The wallpaper is holding up great, but we have been splashing water (I am not going to name any toddler names) on it and have had a complete sink change-of-heart because we need some major protection, aka backsplash, if we plan to keep the paper up for any amount of time. The sink we picked out is sold out anyway in white, and we don’t want to paint a $2,000 sink stand, if you know what we mean. So we found this beauty:making a house a home I wall mount sink I makingahouseahome.com

It’s way off the plan, but look how cute she is. And she’s less than $700! We found it on a third party site and had to laugh when we found out it was an American Standard product, just like the toilet. The reason we haven’t pulled the trigger yet is because we have board and batten around the whole bathroom and are deciding if we want to keep it or ditch it.


The sink now does not have the board and batten behind it. So, we decided to live with the current sink until we can make sure we can collect all the current material or if we have to buy all new stuff. But here is what we did buy/finalize:

making a house a home I bathroom moodboard I makingahouseahome.com

sources: magical toilet // handmade brass toilet paper holder // brass waste basket // vanity lighting // super cushy rug // wallpaper // shower curtain // tiebacks // basket

making a house a home I bathroom ideas I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I vorMax in bathroom I makingahouseahome.com


Above is the old toilet paper holder, and below is the new brass one to match the new vanity light.


making a house a home I bathroom vanity light I makingahouseahome.com

This is such a happy and light filled bathroom, I am a bit jealous it’s our second bath. The new toilet (VorMax Estate) was the whole inspiration to prioritize this bath and we are so glad we got to it this summer. You can see that the taller toilet does wonders visually against the board and batten. We couldn’t be more impressed with something we take advantage of every day.

making a house a home I american standard I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I claw foot tub paint I makingahouseahome.com

The whole thing cost us about $2,500 and we predict with the new sink and edits to the wall, it’s going to be another $1,000ish depending on faucet selection. Check out the slideshow below for the full before and after and more “after” detail shots. Thanks for hanging out guys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


lana katsaros I makingahouseahome.com



Toiling Away

The future we were all promised as children is finally here! While we still have to wait for flying cars and hoverboards, we can now put our days of cleaning skid marks out of the toilet behind us. Rejoice, my friends.



Well, these kiddo’s are learning how a toilet works while wearing poop hats in a toilet museum in Japan. We don’t have anything that fancy going on, but we are just as enthusiastic to share our new findings with you.

If you took a moment to watch the video above you’ll know Lana and I just upgraded to a  VorMax  made by American Standard. It’s got the elongated bowl to more comfortably accommodate your posterior and as I mentioned before, it has VorMax technology which means that every time you flush you are cleaning the unmentionables you’d normally have to scrape off manually. If you are a little behind with this bathroom plan, you can catch up here. We will wait for ya.

making a house a home I tips to switch out a toilet I makingahouseahome.com

Switching out your old commode for a space age throne won’t take long or even have you break a sweat. And as I promised in the video, here is a list of tools you’ll need to get the job done.

making a house a home I tools to switch a toilet I makingahouseahome.com


Gather these tools:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Razor Blade (To cut through the caulk sealing the old toilet to the floor)
  • Cleaning Spray and Paper Towels
  • Putty Knife or Paint Scraping tool (to remove old wax seal from the floor flange)
  • New wax seal with flange
  • Note: Your situation may call for a new floor flange (mine didn’t) if you aren’t sure ask a professional

And here are some tips to help along the way:

  • Shut off your water valve that runs from your house to the toilet. This may seem self explanatory, but if you should forget you’ll be cleaning up longer than it would have taken you to change the toilet. If you are also going to replace a leaky water supply valve remember to shut the water off to the whole house first.
  • Place the old toilet in a bathtub or shower if you happen to have one in the same room. This will make sure any leakage is contained in an area easy to clean.
  • Replace the bolts that go from the floor flange to the toilet bottom (the ones that hold the toilet to the floor) The old ones will most likely be rusted heavily and it’s just a good idea to replace them while you’re down there.
  • DON’T OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLTS. Hand tighten everything first and then if you need to use the wench to tighten things a bit more use caution. Over tightening can crack the toilet and then you are up a certain creek without a toilet.


new.making a house a home I VorMax Estate I makingahouseahome.com

We are smack dab in the middle of this bathroom reno and can’t wait to reveal the new look.

making a house a home I guest bathroom I makingahouseahome.com

So far we are super happy with the look of our new toilet and will be back with a full review after we’ve had some time to… utilize it’s function to the fullest extent.

(i’m talking about pooping in case that wasn’t clear)


Joey and Lanamaking a house a home I joey and lana I makingahouseahome.com

We are ditching our TV…. (major giveaway!)

…not because we went all “I now exclusively read for entertainment”,  but because I finally had enough of working our massive black-box of a TV into our current and future design of our living room. Also, I have nightmares of the TV falling on Atlas. I must have pinned a thousand different ways to “hide” your TV. Place art around it. DIY a wood box around it. Place art over it. You name it, I pinned it and cringed. Don’t get me wrong, we will still be watching Disney movie marathons, snuggling up to Downton Abbey when the babe falls asleep, and dancing along to the Creature Report from Octonauts…..and we will be doing it in the living room.

Since our old house in New York, we have been chatting about a projector, but chickened out ever single time it came to actually committing to a make and model. We had a few things to consider:

  • What projector works for our needs? Wait, what are our needs?
  • Speakers.
  • A screen.
  • Where do you put it?

So when Acer contacted us about trying out one of their projectors, we were very excited to say the least. The timing is perfect because we have been meeting with contractors about busting through the front of our house and adding a few hundred square feet to make the living room, well, more livable.


making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

We decided before buying a screen and speakers and a mount, we would live with the projector for a little bit in our current living room to see how we adapted to this very-new-to-us way of watching “TV”.

We were sold on the first night. 

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

We have begun doing movie nights when Atlas is behaving extra good. We take out his VW bus tent he loves so much, and a ton of pillows and blankets and make a bit of a mess as we “camp” in the living room to watch a movie. The projector put it over the top, and has also been way easier to manage for every day use than we thought.

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I living room theater renovation I makingahouseahome.com

The Acer H6510 3D Projector we have fallen for is around $600 depending where you buy it. We have been projecting on the (white) wall, and it’s been great, but certainly not a long term solution. We decided to invest in an in-ceiling/ceiling recessed projector screen so it’s completely hidden when it’s not in use, and also easily accessible by remote when we are ready to relax and snuggle. The screens seem to be ranging anywhere from $100-ish for a nothing fancy screen to $700+ for a 120″ fully loaded model.

making a house a home I in ceiling projector screen  I makingahouseahome.com

The speaker situation we haven’t quite nailed down yet because we are still developing the room and furniture layout, but here is a little before and after reno so you don’t have to close your eyes real tight and envision it.

making a house a home I living room renovation I makingahouseahome.com



This phase of our renovation will include expanding Atlas’ room and turning it into a work/play room for him, moving him to our room, and moving us upstairs. We will get into all of that after we finish painting, do this renovation, finish our AirBNB tour, decide if unit “B” will actually be an AirBNB, and put a stinkin’ light in our room. A little ways, I know, but I figure we would spill some of the plan because it looks like we are losing a bedroom (which we are, kind of), but in reality we will have three awesome bedrooms instead of two tiny one’s and a master suite. The wall of the expanded bedroom is where the projector screen will go, and the projector will get mounted on the ceiling head-on, across the room.

What we are focusing on at the moment is expanding the living room into the porch and Atlas’ current work/play room. This cottage we live in now took some time to figure out. Like our old home (which was three times the size), the actual layout didn’t work for us daily. It was too spread out, too segmented, too much to clean and maintain. This home is was less intimidating and reasonable to edit. We had originally planned on building (which we still may do some day) and think making larger and more dramatic edits to this house will be great training if we decide to build one day in the future.

We are so excited about this project and can’t wait to finish all the design details and get this genius contraption installed and running. We will do some follow up posts to share what speakers and screen we landed on, and progress of the renovation along the way. In the mean time, why don’t you go enter to win yourself one of these Acer H6510 3D Projector AND AN Aspire Switch 11 AND AN Aspire AZ3 Touch All-in-One! Pretty amazing, right?!


Huge thanks to Acer for sponsoring this post and letting us test out the projector! Huge thanks to you for following along as we gut and paint and decorate and support our very amazing sponsors. 


Welcome to The Rich Hippies House

We have chatted about the MAHAH Project House / The Rich Hippies House a little here and there, but have yet to dig in because, well, it’s been chaotic. We have been on a tight budget with not a lot of time to spare (tick-tock goes the mortgage payment requirements), so today is like a part 1 visual party of before and after and what/how much.

The tiny peek we shared before was on this post, which may be why you remember this less-than- memorable looking house. It’s a duplex from 1960 and is having identity issues. We will do a whole big post about exterior dreams soon enough, but for now we want to show you the soul of the beast.

http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/ I rich hippies house I makingahouseahome.com

This is our first AirBNB and we are no stranger to making a mistake or two, but hope we were methodical and mindful enough to dive into the hospitality industry head first and without flaws. We wanted a bright and cherry spot for people visiting Nashville to call home, and feel at home. We arranged the bedrooms to accommodate lets say, a family visiting, as well as spring breakers – diversity friends, it was a tad tricky. It’s how we landed on the Queen bedroom, and the two twins bedroom with an “emergency couch” option. The unit as we lovingly refer to as “Unit A” (we will be more creative eventually” is 900 sqft. That’s way bigger than the adverse local hotel room, and is also way cheaper. We are hoping this is a no brainer for those visiting.

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/ I rich hippies house I makingahouseahome.com

http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/ I rich hippies house I makingahouseahome.com

http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/ I rich hippies house I makingahouseahome.com

The Queen room is tucked in the back of the unit and most private and we wanted it to be romantic, but not too girly. I imagine while hosting guests we will get enough feedback to make edits to make it perfect, but we went with our gut on the decor. Simple, non fussy, and fresh.

Queen Room Sources:

Stool from Target $64.99

Plant stand, vintage $5

Bedframe $75

Rug on Sale at Rugs USA $177 + free ship

End tables craigslist  $80/pair

Paint Delicate White from Olympic One / Black Magic for the “space” detail in matte, and Harbor Light and Little Lilac for the stars, also from Olympic One.

Curtains from Target $19/Pair

Chandelier I have had for over a decade.

This room needed floor refinishing (outsourced) painting (a la Joey), new windows (the whole upper lever of the house got them and it was about $3,800 and made such a HUGE difference) and an electrician came in to make sure things were safe and moved things around. This was the easiest room by far.

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

All the before images look waaaay better than it actually was. The yellow walls with all the brown, the windows with decades of dead plants and birds nests and track lighting was so depressing. The new windows, lights and paint did so much to make this drab pad into a happy and cheerful place to visit.

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

After we thumbs upped the white paint, things started to look and feel as they should.

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

The kitchen needed a new countertop, paint, and a good cleaning. We have some ideas brewing for future edits, like replacing that tile and adding some shelves under those high cabinets

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

We added a row of Ikea bookshelves along the whole length of the living area and will be talking about what and how much in part 2 of the tour, so for now, ignore them.

Living Area Sources:

The hyde rug was from ABC Carpet and home on sale for $200, the easily expandable dining table  was from Ikea, and the 1900’s cane chairs are temporary as we reupholster the $20 find’s from Craigslist.

The slat bench was a local find at $150, the huge brass lamp we got at the Nashville flea market for $40. The small brass table was a $40 steal from a neighbor.

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

the rich hippies house I east nashville airbnb I http://richhippies.co/the-rich-hippies-house/

We were lucky enough to snag a bunch of rugs at Rugs USA on sale 60%-70% off with free shipping, so that saved a ton. That floor lamp was another local neighbor find at $60 and the couch was $125, and we plan to reupholster it.

In part 2 of the tour we will share the other bedroom, hallway, and how we did the built-in look really affordably. Do you have an airBNB? Any tips you would like to share? I would love to see your listing!

xo,lana katsaros I makingahouseahome.com




Feast your eyes on our brand new (to us!) beauty!

project house

She even came with this charming scene in the basement.

creepy doll on toilet

No joke. We had to make a special request for the removal of this doll. If you know us by now, you know the weirder and more beat up the better. We watched them put the For Sale sign up from our living room, called, and offered all in the same day. With some minor (major!) bumps in the road, we finally closed last week and were able to share the news. Actual view from our house to the project house below, for your viewing pleasure.

project house

So this house is kind of funky, not only in looks, but in function. It has two 900 sqft apartments on the main level, and then a completely open 1800 sqft basement. The basement has it’s own entrance, and it’s under that random awning. It’s where the creepy doll currently lives, but we have big ‘ol dreams to make it amazing.

raw basement

Before I start making moodboards and picking out rugs, the basics needs to get done. This house needs a lot of TLC. We have mold to remove, appliances to get, paint, paint, paint, crazy landscaping, and before winter gets here, windows. Lots and lots of windows.

Window Weriedness

Some are cracked, some are confused, all need to be replaced. We have never replaced the windows in any of our homes before. Our New York home was a 1930 tudor, and had awesome diamond shaped pattern leaded windows, which were pretty on the eyes and awful on the heating bill. Silly us, we never found a solution to keep the pretty and make the bills less than $1,000 a month each winter.


But they were pretty. So very pretty. Our goal now is to replace the windows, make sure they are efficient, and add some pretty to the crazy happening. Being we are new to this whole window game, we spent a lot of time doing research. We even went to a home trade show here in Nashville to get a crash course on what’s out there. What we landed on is pretty special.

pell a window example

pella example

These pretty windows are from a company called Pella. They make all sorts of useful pretty things for the home. These windows are a winner not only because they look good, but because of this….

blinds between glass

Yes! You can pick any color that works with your home and sandwich blinds between the glass simply and easily. As a new mom, this is a game changer and I wish I knew about this before Atlas met up with toddlerhood. Look how happy that lady is. She knows days of dusting blinds are over, and she is stoked. So our brilliant idea is to replace all the ancient windows with these awesome energy efficient, pretty, functional windows.

pella window


pella grill

We are thinking the Designer Series (double hung with that chichi grill) in white would be a great pick because we plan to add shutters and lime wash the house. Think window boxes over filled and ice tea on the nonexistent porch mixed up with this gorgeous inspiration photo below.

pella inspiration


pella inspiration 2


We are so excited about our project house and can’t wait to take you on the journey. It’s crazy that when we first decided to move we honestly thought we were building a house, not buying two homes across the street from each other!


lana katsaros I makingahouseahome.com






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