Little Bit O’ Landscaping

The new house came pretty well landscaped. We couldn’t really see much of what was going on because winter’s touch leaves everything a little less green than it should be.


There were professional landscape blueprints in a closet, and we got to look through what was done recently. We have three Japanese maples as opposed to one at our last home. We love those little trees so much. They are kind of magical. There are a slew of other things we aren’t so familiar with, and are excited to see them bloom. We also wanted to add a little touch of our own, so we dug some holes and planted some trees. What else does one do on Earth Day?

Nashville keeps surprising us in very pleasant ways. First we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, and walked away with a free cherry blossom tree to plant. How great is that? So we left downtown with a cherry blossom in our diaper bag and big smiles on our faces.

joey making a house a home

planting a cherry blossom

outside pack n play

Atlas had a fun time helping by planting his toys all over the walkway.

plant a cherry blossom tree

It looks like a twig now, but we are excited to watch it grow. We hope to look back years from now and see it blooming. We planted it in the front yard. I hope we remember it’s there and don’t mow it over. After our tiny adventure in planting this guy, we went out and bought a weeping pussy willow. It only grows eight feet high, but twelve feet wide. It’s like a weeping willow with furry friends sprinkled all over it.  Pretty weird and great.

Willow Close Up

We just slit the plastic pot with a razor and stuck the willow in the ground. It was $50 at Lowe’s and we need to get fertilizer and mulch to finish it off, but she’s in the ground with in twenty minutes.

plant a weeping wil

Joey Digging 2

planting pussy willow

We also got some hanging plants for our porch, which inspired us to do a full porch redo. I have always wanted a porch, and this one is kind of large. Atlas loved to hang out in his pack n’ play out there while we eat or chat.

weeping pussy willow

cottage hanging plants

 Do you know of any good group coverings to substitute grass? Leave a comment and let us know, we are on a hunt. 



All I need is 15.

A shower is a beautiful thing when you have a new baby. It’s been the only real time I have to myself where I get to worry about me for a solid, consecutive 15 minutes. You better believe I am investing in the “shower experience” to be the best it could be. We first started with changing the light in the bathroom earlier this year to be cuter and more functional. We mimicked the blue metal light from the side of the house and brought it into the bathroom, which allowed me to get my white on and let the blue shade steal the show.

We reglazed the bathroom after falling in love with the new light, and it brightened it up a lot, we highly recommend it if you are in an old house like us (we will be posting all about that soon). Now that the basic feeling of the bathroom was more to our liking, it was the showers turn to get an update, We easily installed the PowerSpray+™ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Heads by Waterpik, and things have gone from good to great.

With my thick hair, I need a force of water like you wouldn’t believe to get all the shampoo and conditioner out, and this does the job fantastic! It’s in Atlas’s bathroom, so it’s not only been great for my sneak-away-relaxing-showers, but for Atlas, because the mist mode is so great and fun for him. Joey, on the othre hand is a Full-Body-Spray kind of guy. It’s so easy to switch modes, it’s not even annoying. I think it’s cute we all have our own thing going on in the shower. And to be honest, I will snag a few moments to indulge in the massage mode once and a wile. Why not?

Have I convinced you to take a time out and upgrade your shower?

Win one for yourself! 

We all have our morning routines; taking a shower is one of them. The NEW Waterpik PowerSpray+™ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Head makes showering easier than ever.  From the 5 shower settings including the water-saving trickle feature to the anti-clog nozzle, this shower head has it all!  Do you want to experience it for yourself?   Answer the question below for a chance to win a $100 Home Depot gift card to purchase your new Waterpik PowerSpray+™ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Head!  Sweepstakes Rules.

What is the one thing missing you would like to include in your shower?

If you just can’t wait, and need to get your hands on one now, you can do it here for less than $60 + get a rebate for $10 here! So worth it. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Waterpik®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Looks like we are Teacher’s Pet!

Hello Friends! Happy weekend! We have just wrapped up having all of our bathrooms refinished, and are excited to share what we did, how we did it, and why. We are on a hunt for floors, but the walls look SO GOOD all white! In the meantime, we have been having a fun time testing our skills on homeownership. Were you able to take the 2 minute quiz to see where you land?



One of the questions really struck a cord with us being we have had the bad fortune of having gutters completely ruin a wall in our dining room. It’s such a silly thing to ignore/forget, and such a pain to have to repair.

gutter leak wall


Pretty gross. If we just followed the simple and affordable tips in this video, we wouldn’t have to shell out $750 to repair this mistake.

It would have been much cheaper to just call on one of these guys to do some Fall maintenance. Live. Learn.

So, we admit we aren’t perfect when it comes to this little thing called homeownership. Want to see our grade from the quiz we shared last week?


Not bad, not awesome. Defiantly need to spruce up on our skills!  What did you get for a grade? Anything surprising?


99% There with #MAHAHKitchenReno!

Hello friends! Have you ever been really really excited about something and just wanted tell everyone you knew who might be remotely interested? That’s exactly how I feel about our new counters! We have been living with them now for almost two weeks, so I got to know them well enough to know I love them. A lot. If you have no idea what I am rambling about, check out our last post about our counter installation.  We let the professionals handle this one, which was a nice break being we are also mid-bathroom renovation on all three baths. Here is where we started…



Then we had this for a bit over a year until they dried out, and freaked me out.


 Finally, here is where we ended up. Much better.


Drooling over that edge like I am? I can’t believe this hasn’t existed forever. We used a company called VT Industries, and this is part of their VT Dimensions collection. They have more edge profiles, but we thought this would look best with this premium laminate. Yes, that’s laminate. Not marble.


It looks and feels so real, the plumber we hired to help us out of a pickle thought they were real until he went under the sink, popped out, and told us we fooled him.


My number one problem with the butcher-block we had was cleanliness and maintenance. I wanted marble really bad, but the upkeep was unrealistic. They would look junky in a year with the way we are, so finding out about VT Dimensions was really exciting, even though I was a little hesitant at first. When we bought the house we had really bad yellow laminate counters, and I did not want a throwback to that, but after we met with the counter guy and checked out the samples, I was sold. For the price, you really can’t beat it.


The only issue we had was kind of silly (and had nothing to do with the counters), and hopefully you can learn from our mistake. We bought a sink which was way deeper than the sink that came with the house not thinking it would change anything. The countertop installers gave us the green light on the sink, and we thought we were gold.

They came. They installed. All was good, until we needed in install the faucet. The original sink was a single drain, and the new sink is a double drain. We needed a plumber to come and make the pipes work for this new set up. Expecting to pay $250, we were shocked when the plumber said we had a $1,100 problem on our hands.

Ya see, that extra deep sink was too close to the old pipes, and the plumber had to rework the whole dang thing. Let’s file that under “unknown” when it comes to planning things out. It was simply something we couldn’t predict, try as we might. So just file that under something to think about when sink shopping.


Beyond that snag, everything else has gone pretty smooth. The countertops really make the whole kitchen.


We aren’t 100% done yet because we have to get rid of that other mistake we made. The oil painted red door. Never again. We just don’t have the precision to paint with oil. How Mark Ryden does what he does, I’ll never know. We plan to freshen it up with some sort of semigloss, ceiling to toe-kick, make that door white, and then call it dunzo.

Making a House a Home Kitchen

What’s left?

  • Paint the french doors back to white
  • New hardware for cabinets
  • Build a fasade around the heater to hide it’s ugly
  • Freshen up with with white paint

What’s done!


  1. Countertops: VT Industries
  2. Faucet: Brizo (we need to post about, it’s AMAZING!)
  3. Pendants: Barnlight Electric (BEST DEAL EVER!)

 Make sure to check out our Instagram to see up-to-date pics and tips on on kitchen reno. Follow #MAHAHKitchenReno for the feed.


#MAHAHKitchen Reno is ALMOST DONE!

Hello friends! We are so so so excited and PLEASED with our new countertops! Giddy to be more accurate. If you have been following along on our instagram feed and read the lasts post, you got some glimpses of the beautiful new counters we had installed this past week and are up to date.

If  not, here is a quick recap. We hired the professionals to come in and fix our countertop mistakes we made last year. They came to measure, and we made a little video to walk the interested through the process. When they came over they brought samples of edge profiles and surfaces and we picked VT Dimensions Calcutta Marble in Premium Laminate for a few reasons. Our whole kitchen, including installation ran $1,750. They look and feel amazing. The plumber who was here today (I have a drama post coming up about that!), thought they were real until he went under the cabinet – true story! The maintenance is next to nothing – and that was the whole point of the counter swap. Affordable, quality, good-looking, with 1/10 the maintenance of the butcher-block if you want the super Cliff Notes.

The installation itself went super smooth, and they look fantastic. It also feels so much better in there. The whole thing (including cutting for the sink), took less than two hours. We whipped up a little video showing the whole process in time-lapse so you can see everything from start to finish!

kitchen moodboard

What’s left?

  • Paint the french doors back to white
  • Install the backsplash on the sink side of the kitchen
  • Get plumber to completely rework the pipes + install new faucet (this $250 job is now $1,1000, we’ll get into it in a separate post)
  • New hardware for cabinets
  • Build a fasade around the heater to hide it’s ugly
  • Freshen up with with white paint

What’s done!

I love the point in a project where you can actually begin to see and feel a difference!

Have you been working on a kitchen reno? What counters did you pick?

music in video by joey

Light it Up

We have never done multiple major projects at one time, and our home looks like a war zone! We are crossing fingers to wrap up the major stuff before Summer is officially over. If you want to catch up on the kitchen portion of our chaos, check out our last #MAHAHKitchenReno update here, and the first reno post here. The pressure is on! We wanted to swap out this dated and ugly light that’s been hanging out in our kitchen for a little too long. She’s seen better days.


So has her back side. We removed her with the plan of taking a few hours to add a few more holes to make three holes total, and hang up the pendants we got at Barn Light Electric. I am still shocked they are only $124 because they are good. Really good.

brass kitchen lightingkitchen-light-replacement-2


Joey had planned to run the electrical on the ceiling itself, but after some talk about it not looking clean and seamless, we decided to run it behind the scenes.


We actually had to hop on Angie’s List and find a Master Electrician to do the job. It ran us about $225 to have two more holes cut and connected to the power supply and prepped for us to hang the pendants.



That probably saved us about 10 hours of noodling around trying to figure it out, and saved me from having a heart attack. I am down to DIY just about anything, but the thought ofJoey playing with electricity, or getting too high on a ladder makes me feel like I am going to just flat out puke with fear.



After the electricity was A-OK, a quick coat of paint fixed all the ugly up right quick, and Joey installed the glorious bras beauties below.




I swear I make extra trips to the kitchen just to turn the lights on and look at them.

Next up is counter installation, sink replacement, faucet replacement, and backsplash wrap. We also need to get on painting that red door white. Make sure to check out our Instagram to see up-to-date pics and tips on on kitchen reno. Follow #MAHAHKitchenReno for the feed. I keep trying to visualize our new counters while staring at this rendering below. It’s killing me! I am so excited the installation date is almost here!

vt industries, marble countertops

We also started a Pin Board on Pinterest to organize our inspiration. Feel free to drop by and spill some knowledge there too!

Doing your own kitchen and have some helpful tips to keep it affordable? Get the conversation going in the comments. Still looking for anyone who has VT Dimensions countertops! Would love to know your story of what you picked and how they look!

A Million Projects at Once

Our to-do list has been long since the moment we bought the house, and has only gotten longer and more complex the more we have lived in it. When we bought the house, the exterior was pretty great, and sometime last year the paint started to deteriorate. It upsets me to no end that this has happened because we soon found out a paint job + wood repair runs around $40,000. Yes Ma’am – go buy yourself a luxury vehicle kind of $40K. Bummer.


So we successfully painted the front door, and then stopped to really think about painting the house ourselves. Saving $40K would be ideal, but we have no idea what we are doing, and in reality – it may start pealing again in just a couple years if we do it wrong. So that’s item #1 on this crazy to-do list.

Still going strong with these colors:

blue exterior color story

Also, so excited we did the front door the blue we did. It makes us both happy, every day! Next up? New hardware! We just agreed on a set, and it should be here soon – and we will tell ya all about it! It was super inexpensive, but looks fantastic. We noticed it at Home Depot, but bought on Amazon because it was way cheaper.

rounded blue front door

We also have a kitchen renovation going on, which involves new VT Industry countertops, a new sink, a new Solna Brizo faucet, the same Barn Light Electric lights we have been obsessing over and dying to install, subway tile black splash with black  grout – and we are thinking about new floors in there too.


We can call this a collective #3 on this list of a million projects to keep it easy – but the decision making and coordination has me spinning! We changed our minds about the sink a million times already.



We love the look of the farmhouse, but a few times too many we have been told not to do it. Which makes me want to change the faucet too. Also that Limestone premium laminate swatch from VT Industries – we switched too. The only thing we have stuck with is the subway tiles and lights from Barn Light Electric! Basically, it’s more like this now:

kitchen moodboard


Totalllllly different, but we like it even better. Obviously we do, or we wouldn’t have noodled so much and changed it.

We have also decided to reglaze all our bathrooms, address landscaping, install fans everywhere, and do a much needed major purge.

Blogging has been spotty because it’s been busy with home reno deeds and Summer travel, but we have some fun posts coming up soon with tons of juicy kitchen reno details, how to install a doorbell, and the most insane wallpaper i have every rubbed my bare cheek against. Til then, can someone tell me how six months have passed and my 7 lb tiny Atlas is almost 22 lbs and sitting up?




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