Our Bedroom, the Dump Zone, No More

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

We have avoided sharing our bedroom for so long because, well, it’s been unimpressive. The beige walls, our huge king bed taking up most of the space, the complete design neglect; all not worth sharing. As part of our ongoing home transformation with paint with Ace Hardware (which will last through September), we made two big decisions. Decision One: We are going to finally address the bedroom and get rid of that depressing color that’s somewhere between stale dirt and a rotten apple and Decision Two: We are going to pick a color that’s not white.

I would usually default to white for such a small space, but I really fell in love with this Clark  + Kensington Color at Ace Hardware: Soft Floral. It’s everything I want our bedroom to be, and surprisingly Joey was 100% OK with it being in the pink family.


making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahousehome.com

making a house a home I master bedroom pink I makingahouseahome.com

It immediately brightened up the room with just the first coat. It was quite a magical transformation. This color is so beautiful. It’s got the slightest pink-blush color under all the bright white goodness. It’s not overwhelmingly girly, and it can absolutely be treated like a neutral and paired with browns or blues. I decided since Joey was OK with the pink, that I go in a more girly direction than usual and incorporate reds and corals into the room as well. Basically, I went totally girly. Living in the land of dinosaurs and cars and kid-friendly/boy-friendly everything else, I figured, why not?

making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahouseahome.com

We did go with a satin finish, because Atlas is always in our room, and we always need to wipe the walls after Mr. Sticky Fingers has been around. That kid sure knows how to get peanut butter everywhere.


making a house a home I pink bedroom I makingahouseahome.com


The two old dressers are heading over to live at the airbnb, and we are investing in all new bedroom furniture. Right now we have the paint and rug, and light switches all here, but are still making a final decision on the dresser because I am weird about dressers and have never truly committed to a dresser. Ever. So let’s see how this goes. We need a really amazing magical dresser too. One that doesn’t let us pile our clothes up in a mountain every day because that extra 30 seconds is just too much time to waist.

Stop by your neighborhood Ace for Buy One Get One Free on Clark+Kensington. Gallons only. Limit 2 gallons. Offer Valid 5/25/-5/30 at participating Ace stores. See store for details.


14 Games to Play With Your Toddler

Atlas loves game night. He gets so excited when the three of us gather ’round and pop open a box of colorful pieces of chips, acorns, or cards. I rounded up our favorites that we play with our three year old. Somehow I thought we wouldn’t be playing board games with out kid until he was about six or seven, what a treat! These are entertaining enough to keep him engaged, and super fun for all three of us. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a TON of games for your babe to play alone, this round up is our faves to play together as a family. Hope you fall in love with some of them too.

making a house a home I family games with toddler I makingahouseahome.com

press here   perfection   twister   squirrel   connect four   eating game

go fish   zingo   avalanche   snug as a bug  go fish  turtle throw  life on earth  sandwich game



Living Room Redo


We have worked this living room 100 times. No, seriously. We refused to buy a house that wouldn’t fit this couch, and this couch can only go on one wall in our living room. We did a lot of talking and planning. We almost pulled the trigger on a projector as the TV, but decided to save it for another room. We have switched rugs, coffee table, side tables, TV location, fire place color, room color, and art – more than once each.

making a house a home I nashville living room I makingahouseahome.com

Living rooms are soooooo hard. You have the constant struggle of what looks good vs. what works for real life. It’s pretty easy to make a living room look good, but there is a solid chance it’s not going to function like you need it to. Sure, I would love some chairs on the other side of the coffee table facing the couch. If we had people over for conversation 4X a week, that would make sense.

making a house a home I nashville mid century I makingahouseahome.com

Real life is more like Joey and me and Atlas doing yoga, dance parties, and epic couch snuggles on a daily basis, and we finally set up the room the way it actually works for us and I don’t hate the design. Can I get a “hands up”?

making a house a home I east nashville living room I makingahouseahome.com

Atlas loves to explore out the window, which is the only “TBD” moment. I have some window dressing selected, and just on a hunt for hardware that is nice, but not “too much” because the front door also needs dressing and they are so close to one another it can get really busy and overwhelming texturally.

making a house a home I atlas I makingahouseahome.com


making house a home I candle sconce brass I makingahouseahome.com

This chair was a gift to Joey from when we lived in NYC at our favorite furniture store, ABC Carpet and Home. It’s been hanging out in the Attic for two years and I am so excited we found  good place for her.

making a house a home I nashville mid century modern I makingahouseahome.com

There is a ton of space for Atlas to twirl around and floor space to play, and also there is nothing for him to ruin or break. It’s so nice to have this room done! Our clients and shop, Rich Hippies, has been taking all our design brain, but something tipped us these past few weeks into focusing on our home. I am so excited to share all the changes we made.

Making a House a Home I east nahshville living room I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I painted fire place I makingahouseahome.com



sources: 1. couch: Restoration Hardware 2. rug: RugsUSA  3. Slat Bench: vintage 4. Chair: ABC Carpet and Home  5. Sconces: Vintage 6. Planter (tall): vintage 7. White paint: delicate white by Olympic 8. small bear skin: Rich Hippies 9. XL sheepskin: RugsUSA 



Cha cha cha changes

Hi friends! There is a lot of change happening around life right now. If you hang out on our instagram, you probably have a good idea about two things going on that are consuming us right now. Thing one is: We are moving back to NYC. Yep. We have a very very big and exciting plan that is going to be very hard to execute, but we are SO excited to try and see if we can do it. Right now we have the Rich Hippies House (our AirBNB) up on the market and after we sell it we will share more details about the when, what and why.

Thing two: We are in a bit of a discovery process with Atlas. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and we are on a journey to find what it’s cause is along with some additional issues he’s facing. This is number one, and we have gotten pretty aggressive about figuring out what’s accompanying his SPD and setting out a path to follow to get him back on track so it’s been lots of Doctor visits and testing at hospitals until we can get some data that helps us.

Moving is extremely exciting, and with that comes some planning. The planning includes lots and lots of gatherings and good bye’s  before we have to stage our cottage to sell.

making a house a home I sauder I makingahouseahome.com

Being our cottage is so tiny, it doesn’t hold a lot of people. We had to make a decision to clear out a room for our first gathering. We decided to pull our dining room together to gather because it’s between the kitchen and the living room and a great space to pour a drink and have a chat.

We liked the new set up so much we kept it that way for a few weeks before replacing the dining set back.


Here is the before dining room we pulled out. It’s been a room we thought a lot about, like how we want to throw that chandy into the Cumberland and replace it with something more chic and cute. It’s a tiny room and clearly didn’t fit our old dining set, so we don’t really spend a lot of time in there.

making a house a home I dining room I makingahouseahome.com

I loved the storage of the chest and the very large and beautiful bar cart together. It was great to have durable surfaces for serve-yourself drinks and snacks and storage for cups and napkins hidden away in the drawers.


This pics are how we styled the room after our gathering. It became a catch-all for keys and mail and my glasses I always lose.


We kept the record player in the same placed because Atlas is actually very good at playing music on it. He’s very careful and mindfully guess what song begins where.


The chest now hold blankets for the couch along with some notebooks and pens, because we can never find pen and paper when we need it.






This other great piece we got (from Sauder) we set up as a guest station for people who crashed with us. We loaded it with towels and toiletries and I eventually began to use it as a safe place for my purse (Atlas is always snatching my phone) and hats.





making a house a home I sauder I makingahouseahome.com


A big ol’ thank you to Sauder for inviting us to help style their look book again. It’s such an amazing collection of unique ideas from bloggers, designers, and stylists.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

Trash Talking

We just arrived home from our NYC trip, and fall fell all over our yard. Crunchy gross leaves covered both our walkways and that lead from the sidewalk to the front porch and the driveway to the front porch.

About this time last year when fall covered our pathways, Joey ventured outside with no shoes on. Next thing I knew, we were in the hospital. Joey cut his foot on an unknown object, only to find out he was poisoned. By a turtle shell fragment. We have no idea how it got there and the hospital ensured us this was a first for them. His foot had crazy red veins creeping up well over his ankle and a very obviously infected gash resided on his foot.  It took months to heal properly. Let’s not do that again. Enter, clean up plan.



East Nashville has some major theft issues, so much so that two of our trash bins (provided by the city) have been stolen. Being down two bins sent me on my way to Home Depot to check out the selection. I rolled away with a Rubbermaid Roughneck Trash Can for way less than I expected.



Joey was kind enough to get to business  on sweeping up the walkways while I devices a plan to store the 32 gallon trash bags I also bought with the can. I despise running out of bags while doing yard work and tracking leaves in and out of the house and anything I can do to make it easier, I will.

making a house a home I trash can bag storage I makingahouseahome.com

Pretty sweet, right? Very easy too. I used a brass rod and a 3/8″ bit to execute this very simple trash can DIY.

making a house a home I trash can lid storage I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I trash bag lid storage I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I trash cab DIY I makingahouseahome.com


It fits and works great! We like the can too. The stand out perks are:

  • It’s hard to tip, which is nice because I have a history of tipping filled trash cans.
  • It’s easy to wheel around.
  • It’s affordable, and you can buy a two pack for just a few bucks more more.
  •  The bag stayed put the whole time and didn’t slip in the can.

How are you keeping your yard managed this fall? Have the leaves begun to do their thing by you yet?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Newell Rubbermaid®. The opinions and text are all mine.

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

This post is sponsored by Target.

Growing up in Florida, “ya’ll” was a thing, and it’s a thing I lost when I moved in NYC in 1999. For nearly 15 years, I barely said it  -until we moved to Nashville, and it’s oddly comforting to hear it so often.

Something South Florida didn’t really have was a true fall, but as a kid we used to come to Tennessee and I was able to see the leaves change.  I had always dreamed of living by the mountains and throwing a faux stag up on the wall and lighting some logs on the fire while curling up in a plaid blanket watching “Gilmore Girls” front to back for the zillionth time.

These days we do movie night with Atlas, who is just over 2.5 years old now and loves a good classic flick so we all snuggle up and make a night of it. I suppose silly little dreams can come true.

making a house a home I plaid fall living room I makingahouseahome.com


Target was kind enough to include us in their campaign for fall and all things plaid, and I was a little too giddy to comply. The new items they have available are the best I have ever seen. The plaid options are so good. I had the movie in mind, and the weather is just getting crisp enough to pull out the hot cocoa and snack bowls to snuggle up and introduce fall with our favorite plaid picks.

making a house a home I plaid target mug I makingahouseahome.com

Perhaps you aren’t as lazy as us, but when we relax, we r-e-l-a-x. Let me introduce the laziest of lazy man’s relaxing technique. Move over lazy Susan- this has you beat. The coffee table is too far to hold snacks and drinks, so this tiny, odd-shapen wooden table placed on the couch is perfect. You barely have to stretch your elbow to grab your mug.

making a house a home I target plaid I makingahouseahome.com

If you are going to get into couch drinking and dining, let me also suggest using a tablecloth (’cause you’re classy) instead of replacement of a blanket if you have little ones. This mama has no issue with using this cute plaid one to catch crumbs and drips, but I have a major issue with it on our throws we use to snuggle. Plus it looks all cute and plaid and a lot like a blanket.

making a house a home I target plaid I makingahouseahome.com

Joey picked out these super cute plaid mugs and I thought they were so cute and unexpected; and same with the candle. I love how there are so many products with plaid to pick from right now. It may seem scary to work plaid in, but we took a leap and broke some rules-and I am so excited about the results. Will you play by the rules or break the rules with Target Plaid?

making a house a home I target plaid I makingahouseahome.com

Find your style @TargetStyle



And we got ourselves a bathroom!

Hi friends! It’s always the case that the blog posts slow down when life gets busier! We have been working on this bathroom, amongst many other projects, but have finished this space so we get to share! We left off here:

making a house a home I guest bathroom I makingahouseahome.com

We wallpapered and got the toilet up and running as you know, so let’s talk about both before we go on! We chatted about how to instal this toilet, and hope we gave you confidence to DIY this because it’s way easier than you would think. Next, we were excited to test out it’s “cling free” promise and report back. We didn’t clean it once since we installed her. This is what she looks like now:

making a house a home I best toilet ever I makingahouseahome.com

We have all tried her out (hello potty training Atlas!) many many many times over. It looks brand spankin’ new. Like, scary new. We are very very impressed with VorMax and their engineers because this is the biggest game changer we have seen in a long time. Take your hands out of your toilets people. The revolution is here.

Also, it’s a good looking bowl.

The wallpaper is holding up great, but we have been splashing water (I am not going to name any toddler names) on it and have had a complete sink change-of-heart because we need some major protection, aka backsplash, if we plan to keep the paper up for any amount of time. The sink we picked out is sold out anyway in white, and we don’t want to paint a $2,000 sink stand, if you know what we mean. So we found this beauty:making a house a home I wall mount sink I makingahouseahome.com

It’s way off the plan, but look how cute she is. And she’s less than $700! We found it on a third party site and had to laugh when we found out it was an American Standard product, just like the toilet. The reason we haven’t pulled the trigger yet is because we have board and batten around the whole bathroom and are deciding if we want to keep it or ditch it.


The sink now does not have the board and batten behind it. So, we decided to live with the current sink until we can make sure we can collect all the current material or if we have to buy all new stuff. But here is what we did buy/finalize:

making a house a home I bathroom moodboard I makingahouseahome.com

sources: magical toilet // handmade brass toilet paper holder // brass waste basket // vanity lighting // super cushy rug // wallpaper // shower curtain // tiebacks // basket

making a house a home I bathroom ideas I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I vorMax in bathroom I makingahouseahome.com


Above is the old toilet paper holder, and below is the new brass one to match the new vanity light.


making a house a home I bathroom vanity light I makingahouseahome.com

This is such a happy and light filled bathroom, I am a bit jealous it’s our second bath. The new toilet (VorMax Estate) was the whole inspiration to prioritize this bath and we are so glad we got to it this summer. You can see that the taller toilet does wonders visually against the board and batten. We couldn’t be more impressed with something we take advantage of every day.

making a house a home I american standard I makingahouseahome.com

making a house a home I claw foot tub paint I makingahouseahome.com

The whole thing cost us about $2,500 and we predict with the new sink and edits to the wall, it’s going to be another $1,000ish depending on faucet selection. Check out the slideshow below for the full before and after and more “after” detail shots. Thanks for hanging out guys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


lana katsaros I makingahouseahome.com



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