Arty for the Party

The party is what’s happening in my head every day when I wake up. It’s a painting party in my brain, or a furniture arranging party daydream, and it’s only me and Joey. And it’s actually fun. Both of the homes we have bought have very little in common, but one thing I noticed right away is the “country blue” paint in Atlas’ room, the kitchen, and the mudroom. Our old house had the same blue. And then you know that kind of happy yellow? Well, a lot of that happened in too, and this house has beige everywhere. None of these are my favorite. I have seen them work well in some situations, but with our stuff, and our natural light, they all make me comfortable and crazy enough to have parties in my head.

Since Atlas’ room is the most set up, we picked out his paint, and are going with a crispy white and a lot of art on the walls. Things are still primarily white with pops of blues, but this time we are adding a little more color to the art.

Some old friends are making a come back, and some new one’s are very welcome to join in. I just ordered the poloriod heart print and constellation watercolor looking one from Minted, and they should be here in a few days. I didn’t know they did art, and was pleasantly surprised at the selection. I have already picked some faves out for the master as well. I got them framed because I know if I didn’t, they would hang around for months before getting to them.


The whale is from Coral & Tusk, and I scored at at Renegade last summer in Brooklyn. The “I Love my Family” and Owl were both an Etsy find. Remember I made that “A”? It didn’t get destroyed in the move. And of course, the baby porcupine which took center stage in the old nursery, is now becoming part of the gallery wall. He’s from Animal Print Shop, and has ears like an elf.

We have also been obsessively hoarding shopping the amazing flea’s and vintage shops in Nashville and have already filled up our storage unit. I haven’t even set up to work with new clients, but I have some much great stuff I may just start grabbing strangers on the street to ask them if I can come in and see how my new campaign desk find looks in their home office. The people here are so nice, someone is likely to say “yes”.


One find is this HUGE “Admit One” ticket art. It’s an actual huge ticket framed. I am so excited about this. It was $40. I couldn’t believe it, I had to have it. We are still deciding where the moose is going, but I think he would have fun with these creatures we have collected.

Where do you get art for your home? I would love to learn about more unique spots (especially if they come framed!), and I am sure our reads would too. xxoo


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Nashville House Tour / Atlas’ Room

There really are not words to express the level of happy I am to be unpacking and putting things in their place. While moving, running two businesses, and getting use to our new surroundings, lots has slacked. I don’t remember the last time I cooked, or got a hair cut. But, what I do know is my house is 90% less boxes, and rooms are starting to look like rooms. Who needs food and good hair when you can actually walk around your own home?

The challenge with our new home is that it’s a whopping 4,000 square feet less than our old one, with no garage or attic space to help us shift things around as we figure it all out. The rooms are also much smaller, which is why we are planning an addition. Our old house helped us learn where we want to splurge and invest more time money and energy, so we are confident we can make this smaller space work for us, with a few loving edits. If you follow us on IG, you have a good idea of what our cottage looks like, if not, here is a less cryptic peek.


We have BIG plans for this little house, but we also love so much about her already. I always wanted a front porch, and we have already been using it so much! Atlas loves to play out there, and the weather has been amazing. It’s a serious dream come true. Also, Atlas has grown SO much during this move. It’s insane.

Atlas Funny Face

So now that you know what the house and the baby look like these days, it’s only natural to show you what his room looks like today. We have a laundry list of things to do in there, but it does feel good to be able to have it usable.

afforable nursery, target nursery

We moved his old rug into the living room, because this room is too small (we have plans to expand it), and used the old guest rug in here (for now). The same curtains and cozy chair made the cut as well as one of the campaign dressers Joey refinished a while back.

budget nursery, diy nursery

The same lamp and end table work in this small space, so we kept them too. I am a bit bummed we can’t fit both the dressers in there right now, but I keep reminding myself they will be reunited in a little bit. Right not his twin is living in the storage facility like the bad child sent off to boarding school while this one plays the role of a changing table.

small nursery decor

A new thing about this house is floor vents. Very cool, and work great, but they kind of tell you where you can and can’t put furniture. And because walking over them with a skirt is not appropriate with a toddler in my company, one must be careful.


If you step out of Atlas’ room (the tiled room is a bathroom, his room is next to it, and my temp office is the door next to Atlas’.), it get’s a little funky with the funhouse door thing going on. We plan to merge my office with his room and install a door jam that would face you, instead of two doors kind of facing each other. This will double the size of his room, and his closet.


This final pic is the other end of the hallway. To the right of the stairs is our current master, up the stairs is the guest quarters, Joey’s studio, and Atlas’ playspace. We plan to make the upstairs our master, and possible turn the current master into my studio. To the left of the stairs is the current living room, pre 500-600 square foot addition. Little house, lots of work. Lots of excitement.

To finish off Atlas’ room, here is what we need to do next:

  • Find the perfect white. The walls are just killing me softly. Not so softly.
  • Find a rug with a smaller pile than the wool one. Or two rugs. We LOVE the one he use to have, and that’s why it’s in the living room now!
  • Find a light or fan that will work for the current room AND when we expand.
  • Add art to the walls.
  • Find something to display books // toys
  • Decide if he’s getting the moose

We’ll be making home tour posts as we make each room less chaotic! Next up? Either the master bedroom or kitchen. It’s a toss up!

Do you have any tips for unpacking with an active toddler? Way’s to keep the clutter to a minimum in a tight space? We would love to know, and I am sure our readers would too! Leave a comment and share your wisdom!



Little Boxes

We moved in our new house for two weeks, then had to pop down to Florida for two weeks to celebrate a wedding of a dear old friend and celebrate my dad for his work. Needless to say, the house is decorated with a million boxes, contractor bags, and bubble wrap debris. Things are far from done, but we are very very happy and excited about our East Nashville cottage. It’s so chaotic, I sneak in the bathroom some days to get stuff done because it’s the only complete and clean room right now.


You may also noticed out new logo. As you may have guessed our old one was pretty specific to our old house. The whole blog is getting a revamp. I am sure you could imagine how crazy it’s been with a little one running around (Yes! Atlas is running now!), boxes everywhere, and travel and guests nonstop for the past few moths. It’s in the works though, and I think with this new house, this is the perfect time for a new blog!

We have so many plans, but right now, things are exactly like this. Are you ready?

messy master bedroom

There is a thin pathway in every room we use to sort and unpack everything. It’s been quite the challenge to unpack 6,000 square foot of house into a 2,000 square foot home. We had to get a storage facility to help us manage and shift as we go. Above is our mast bedroom. The plans are exciting, and we are already working on DIY projects for my prized mini gold chests.

messy room

Rich Hippies & Making a House a Home headquarters are looking like this. Can you see why I am working out of the bathroom?


Some less chaotic rooms are the living and dining room. We found a great spot for the console table Joey built a few years back. It fits great in the dining room, but our dining table does not. We plan to make a 500-600 square foot extension very soon. We are thinking about building a temporary one for now.



moving in living room

The living room was able to support our massive couch, which I may have died if it didn’t. I love that couch so much. That coffee table vertical  against the wall sadly doesn’t fit, but the one from our old master bedroom does.


A nicer/safer place for Atlas has been Joey’s studio. It’s far from done, but set up enough for them to make music together. It is the most magical thing I have ever seen in life.

So far Nashville has been amazing to us and we love it so much. There are a million vegetarian places to eat,  junk shops to explore, and fun things for Atlas. It’s like we found the secret to life and everyone who figured it out too moved to Nashville. Everyone is painfully nice and talented, and we are just so humbled to be here and be part of it’s amazingness.  I pro mess less messy pictures next time. Be well friends, thanks thanks so much for all the kind folks who live here who have reached out.

Home Tour // Baby Friendly Master Bedroom

Are you ready to get picture happy? We have been living in our cozy-cave-of-a-bedroom most days with our little man since the day we cam home from the hospital. We emerge for an adventure a few times a week, but stick to the room with the big bed most of the time. We edited our master bedroom to be more Atlas friendly. To be honest, I am not ready to let my little guy be a big guy and sleep in his own room yet, so we yanked the crib out of the nursery and redid our space to be a family space for a while.

The changes we made were simple, and made life a lot easier. I added a small work station, so I can get things done while bebe sleeps. My office is a level down and across the house – way too far incase our little one awakes with a sad face.

The crib fit nicely in our oversized room, and it doesn’t feel smushed at all. We even got to keep the sitting area by the fireplace!

We hid a small mini-fridge in the corner, and it’s been such a treat to have bottled water for us or a quick stash of breastmilk waiting right there. Sometimes it feels like we live in a tiny NYC apartment again. We can go a whole day without leaving the room, and we have totally had pajama days when atlas was teeny tiny.

If you missed the progression of our bedroom, here are some projects that we did to make the space our own:

Enjoy the tour! 





master bedroom, bedroom with crib, master bedroom with crib














all photos taken by the lovely lindsay katt 


Finally Found A Perfect Frame For My Instagram Pictures!

The whole process was annoying, but now that I know how great the fit is, I am excited to share my findings! To print a prefect 5X5 square from our instagram account, we have been using PicPlum. It’s not cheap, but I am a little addicted and have been collecting them like a 7 year old with baseball cards in the 50′s.


I found a bunch of options ranging from $25-$40 a pop if I wash’t going to go custom, but get this – Ikea has them for $10 a pop! The square cut out of the mat is 4 3/4″, so it’s just enough room to tape your pretty pic to the  mat.



They have black and white available at the Ikea by us. You can get them online too if you look up Ribba on their website.instagram frame



We snagged four, and I used them on the mantle in our master bedroom, and love them. Just thought I would share an $11 solution to getting your pictures off your phone and into your home! Also, super excited to do a new room in our home tour series this summer! Check back this week to see what we did to the master pad to make it Atlas friendly.

master_tour_1 picture by Lindsay Katt


Home Tour // Nursery

Hello friends! We are so excited to introduce a new series we are doing this summer on the blog. We will feature a full room tour of each of our finished rooms and create a more cohesive outline for you guys. We get emails asking specific questions about rooms, and figured it might be about time to organize the chaos and share room by room what our house is looking like these days. Below each room tour, find a buying guide! You can also check out the full home tour here, if you want to see all the rooms at one. Enjoy!

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget


boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

boy nursery, diy nursery, nursery on a budget

DIY Projects:
The painted tree on the wall commissioned by Duane price varies
We refinished the matching dressers $200 on craigslist + $12 for paint
Gold side table
Blue lamp on dresser
White floor lamp
Brass elephant on shelf
Curtains and Rods $24 per 2 panels
Blue Polka Dot Pillow
Gel Mattress:
Intellibed $399 (We have a 10% off code for our readers good on ANY  Intellibed! Use MakingaHouseaHome at check out.)
Vintage finds:
Table fan
Sailboat painting
Owl pillow
Striped Hudson Bay blanket
It’s OK flag

Prepare for Landing

More like, “hey, we ignored you for three years, let’s address you!“. We are headed into some uncharted territory in the ‘ol house decor and renovate. We have a total of 6,200 square feet under one roof, and you my friend have only seen about 2,000 square feet of that. The landing was kind of a holding room for a long time, and now it’s a hodge podge of other rooms cast offs, but boy does it feel good to have it cleaned up.

upstairs landing, home design, eclectic landing

We took the black and white striped valance we were going to use in the nursery (but decided not to) and used that in the little nook in the landing. It just happened to fit perfectly! The rug was stolen from the crazy guest room, as was the lamp. The table is really a plant stand which was outside. The tortoise shell I am not too sure if that’s his final resting place, but he is safe there for now.

plants on heater

I grabbed these plants from our bedroom because they are on their deathbed and need a bit more light! The little brass elephant is $10 at target right now! I got two.

brass elephant, #targetstyleI hate the bench in there with a passion and need to find something great to go there, in the meantime it’s covered with a scarf from Pendleton.

west elm fox speaker, lamps plus pink lamp, nate berkus gold

That little fox is a speaker from West Elm, and the landing is such a great place for him. We named him Foxy Brown and he fills the whole second floor with music like a champ! Lamp is Lamps Plus in LA, but I think they have it online too. FLowers are from our yard (hey Spring!), gold burst is Nate Berkus for Target, table is Ikea. Obvious work needs to be done. Here is what we are thinking so far:

  1. New ceiling lights
  2. A new bench, or replacement for a bench
  3. Some sort of paint
  4. More texture
  5. Style the shelves with fun stuff. 
  6. Art on the walls
upstairs landing, landing rug

It’s not done, but it feels good to have everything organized and a foundation set up. I am thinking of using this space to do morning yoga or as a reading nook. What do you use your landing for?

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