We’ve Got The Blues

In a good way! I had a knot in my stomach about doing this, but I am so happy we decided to paint our front door. We were going to just do a post about how to paint a front door the right way, but it turned into so much more. How to remove a screen door and properly patch up the aftermath. How to paint trim. What primer knocked our sox off, and works fantastic. And, how to pick exterior colors that compliment the style of your home. Last but not least, we may have gone mad – because we have so much confidence after painting our front door and trim, that now we are going to tackle the exterior window trim! The past year has been a blur of pregnancy and a new born, a lot of DIY projects got left behind. We woke up last week and put our DIY hats back on, errr, tattoos (fake!). Something inside us is screaming we’re baaaaaaack!


After checking out Pretty Handy Girl’s post about how to paint a door the professional way, and about a 1/2 dozen other blogger posts on the same topic, I took all their advice + my common sense and DIY savvy to put together a plan to paint our front door. The reason for the knots in my stomach were that, if this didn’t go swell, that rounded, solid wood front door is far from cheap. The reason for the paint job, was that the wood finish was starting to chip away, and we wanted a long term solution – and I always wanted a blue door.

how to paint a rounded front door

how to paint a wood front door

Granted the outside looked way more worn than the inside, we decided to paint both sides of the door (which is going to change our entryway decor, a lot). We spent about $100 bucks on supplies, $50 of which was the blue paint alone. I thought that was crazy expensive for paint, but we decided to give a new brand and type a go, and are crossing fingers it’s as good as we hope it will be!

Tools to paint your front door like a professional


The rest of the $50 went towards tools we didn’t have. This is what we bought and what we think about it:

BIN Primer –  Super thin, dries really quick, worked really well! Excited to have discovered this. We used two coats on the inside and the outside. Solid purchase. We almost didn’t buy it because the paint has primer in it, but I am happy we spent the extra $14.

Small Roller Pan – We always go back  and forth about this being a $2.50 waste of money, but are always happy we pick one up.

Deglosser – We don’t know what it did, or how it worked – but we didn’t sand, we deglossed and have no idea what difference it made – but it turned out great, so maybe the deglosser had a role in that.

Paint Brushes – We bought a few different brands, and they all kind of worked the same. Basically all I am looking for is a paintbrush that doesn’t lose bristles! We found one rogue bristle, and that bristle will haunt me.

Paint – We tried the Behr Marquee paint, I was sucked in by the promises of the commercial. Though we looked at a ton of brands for color, we actually wound up with Behr Cobalt Blue.

How to pick a paint color for your front door that works for your style home

Our process was a bit intense because we knew that it wasn’t just about picking a front door color, but picking an entire color story for the exterior of our home, with the front door being just a page of that story. We looked at a lot of blues.

blue front door swatchesThat last picture is a sneak peek of what the finished blue looks like in real life daylight. So, how did we pick this blue? I think there is this line you can go up to that nods at tradition, but also allows you to be unique and fun when painting your home. We have a traditional 1930 English tudor, which is kinda stuffy in some ways. We wanted to brighten her up, and made her a little more yes-I’m-exquisit-but-I-also-know-how-to-have-fun. We live on that line in life; respect tradition, but bring something you to the table.

The Traditional English Tudor looks like these guys:

Give me a Tudor, and I will take it. I think they are all so beautiful. I have loved almost every single Tudor I have ever seen. Usually they have a mix of stone, brick, wood trim, and stucco and are pretty neutral in color. Our home doesn’t have the brick detail – so we decided against a red door. That’s the only situation I would have really wanted something other than blue. I suppose we could have stained our door, but I was scared of the same situation happening again with the elements beginning to show ware on it.

Colors that work well with Tudor’s:
Conservative: Neutrals, Stained Wood

Modern: Red, Blue, Emerald Green

We worked off the general tone of the stone on our home to pick the right blue. If you do not have stone or brick to work off of, start by looking at photos online of what people did in the style of your home. For example, craftsman homes seem to always sport brown, but if you want to be fun, color would look amazing on the details. We have also seen Victorians that look like storybook homes, just from a fun paint job.
Isn’t this house just stunning in general? It’s actually close to us, and when we drove by – we stopped dead in our tracks. I think the paint just brings it over the top. Total fantasy house. Invite me over. I will bring you macaroons and tea, and we can pretend we live down the rod Downton Abbey. Back to reality – see how they pulled the pink from some pink tiles on the roof? That’s what we did in our much more humble home.
blue front door tudor
rounded blue front door

We are so in love with the blue, and the whole color story we decided on for the whole exterior of our home. So happy we finally are back on the DIY wagon of down and dirty projects! Even with the super humid and hot weather, we cross our hearts to keep going!

blue exterior color story

Our to-do list is long (and so is this post, sorry!). We started with the door having a screen door in front of it, to removing it, patching, replacing wood, priming, and painting to get here – and we will be back with how we removed the screen door and made it look like one didn’t exist. Now with a stroller in tow most days, no screen door is so good. So so so good.

tutor, 1930 house, corner lot house, two story house, turret,

The tentative too-do list looks like this:

  • Get some awesome window boxes
  • Figure out what blue flowers will look super pretty by the front door.
  • Repair the wood around the downstairs windows.
  • Paint the repaired wood to match the front door trim.
  • Black mulch the front of the house
  • Reimagine the landscaping
  • Add outdoor lighting

Have you ever painted your front door a fun color? Thinking about it? Share links and thoughts on the whole pop of color on the door in the comments. 


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  1. Just fell off my office chair because your door is superb!!! I love that color, but haven’t had the guts to use it on our home. Glad you did, and I’ll live vicariously through you and your adorable home. (p.s. thanks for the link.)
    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl recently posted..DIY Washer Toss GameMy Profile

    • Lana Katsaros says:

      You are just too sweet. We LOOOOOOVE it! It was worth the risk. Thanks for all your amazing blog tips to help us work our way through it!

  2. Traci says:

    I have a thing about arched doors, I am absolutely head-over heels in love with them. The blue you picked is an amazingly bold choice and I love it. It should look great with the almost black and white trim. Changing the color of the door hardware will make a huge difference too, I have painted all the door knobs in my home, including those leading outdoors.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Lana Katsaros says:

      Thanks Traci! SOOOOO excited to put it all together and then stand back and see it as a whole. I promise to address the hardware, cross my heart :)

  3. Roeshel says:

    I.LOOOOVE.IT! I’m so envious of anyone with a front door period (since previous owners rerouted ours to the side…it’s a DIY project for one of these days). But your door? That’s a dream! Great decision to go with a gorgeous bold blue!
    Roeshel recently posted..Kids’ Plastic Picnic Table MakeoverMy Profile

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    by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble.
    You are amazing! Thanks!
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