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It’s been a little bit difficult to get my one-a-week projects done these days. We had a house full of sick (ick?!) and are just about now getting back out of bed to live life again. This project is so sweet and easy! If you remember, we made a doily lamp a million years ago and we have a bunch of left over doilies! We were thinking of things Atlas liked that we can make and he can look at, and we decided on using the doily to make a dreamcatcher!

diy doily dreamcatcher

I like this project because the rules aren’t hard and fast. We used old materials from our wedding and only had to order/buy a few things!

Some basic items you will need are:

  • feathers
  • gold paint (we used Martha Stewart from Home Depot)
  • string
  • a doily
  • a round metal hoop (we got ours here for $0.85 each)
  • fibers and fabrics
  • super glue

We simply used the string to attach the doily to the gold metal hoop and put a dot of super glue at each point to keep it attached and sturdy.

diy doily dreamcatcher


I know most people cover their loop in fabric, but I liked to gold, so I kept it raw. I dipped the feathers in the gold paint to give the dreamcatcher more shine.

DIY doily dreamcatcher


After this point, you can basically let your imagination take you where you want!


diy doily dreamcatcher

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  1. Jeanine says:


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  3. james says:

    i love this and want to make it for my baby niece or nephew who will be coming soon, but i cant figure out what material you used for the stuff hanging down.

  4. Lana Katsaros says:

    Hi James. I used old fabric I ripped that was silky and soft. I tied some knots in them to keep them a little more controlled and from shredding too much. I imagine any soft fabric would do the job if the edging holds together well. Good luck!


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